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  1. Firebird will attend. Signing-up. Looking forward to meeting you guys on Friday... Cheers, Firebird
  2. I requested this course. Unfortunately I am on holiday and will be returning on Monday the 11th. Could this course be rescheduled on either Monday evening or any other evening following? Cheers, Firebird
  3. Name: Firebird Class Requested: familiarization Days Requested (optional): Weekend or any weekday but NOT Tuesday and NOT Thursday Times Requested (optional): Weekend anytime preferably from 18:00Zulu onward, weekdays from 18:00 Zulu onward, Special Remarks: Due to holiday I can't make it from 25th of july until 8th of August including both dates.
  4. Sign Up: Firebird I don't have the prerequisites There hasn't been a familiarization course for quite a while but since I play Arma since OFP-times I hope to be familiar enough with Arma2 for the course.
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