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  1. Just got into the hang of writing missions and the plug gets pulled. Will start looking at Arma 3 in terms of doing the same there. See you at the sendoff.
  2. signup: JoeMag Date and Time available: 25/04 1700Z I have attended FTP1 as a participant and I reviewed and understand the prerequisites.
  3. Solved! I posted the solution under Arma 2 > Technical Issues > ACRE Can't hear people when they're directly behind meThanks go to Mixrate who helped me verify this is fixed as well as Exex and Jimbo for pointers on what the issue was and Lord Yod for offering to help as well. You guys are Great! "If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."
  4. Ingame/ts: JoeMag I have attended FTP! as a participant and have reviewed and understand the prerequisites Availability - Weekdays: 2200Z to 0300Z (next day); Weekend: 1200Z to 0300Z (next day) "You’re never beaten until you admit it."
  5. IGN: JoeMag Dates available: 09 Mar 2014 0500z as stated in course description I have reviewed and understand the prerequisites. Optional availability for future courses: Availability: Course Start Time Monday thru Thursday: 2200Z to 0300Z (next day) Friday: 2200Z to 0400Z (next day) Saturday: 1200Z to 0400Z (next day) Sunday: 1200Z to 0300Z (next day)
  6. JoeMag


    Greetings! I joined UO for similar reasons, looking for a group that has depth to it. It is evident by the training that is offered, the thought that has been put into designing the courses and the members that take the time and effort to host them. Hope to see you in-game! "In case of doubt, attack."
  7. IGN: JoeMag I see that you may have more than enough to make the class and at the same time I would have to get off work early to attend. So if I can get off work early, I will hang out in TeamSpeak as a standby and if you have a no-show, I would like to attend in their place. I signed up for the artillery course as well so would like to attend both if things work out. Otherwise I will look forward to the next time the classes are offered. "Never let the enemy pick the battle site."
  8. Nickname: JoeMag I have reviewed and understand the prerequisites.
  9. Thanks for the welcome! In regards to my Xbox, will still be playing and working through the games I have on hand. Not sure if I would make the leap to the Xbox One through. As for training, now that I have my game PC setup, have been watching for those that can fit in my schedule for central standard time. Weekdays are tough with work limiting the evening window but could do almost any time on the weekends. I have been checking just about every day to see if one has come up that I could fit in. The UO gameplay guide for beginners is a great reference! Plan to go through that again in detail before Saturday since I have signed up for the I44 event. It gives good insight into how the mission is setup and players slotted. PC gaming has come a long way since I last played. I was pretty good as a helo pilot and hope to get back into form at some point. Looking forward to Saturday! JoeMag
  10. Hi UO, I have been an Xbox / Xbox 360 player since Halo was first released and played PC simulators before that. Have gone through most of the FPS console games with a few still to go. About 2 months ago, was browsing through YouTube and watched a couple of ArmA videos. From that point I was hooked. Cooperative play, open world concept and realism are the key elements that stuck. Current PCs were not suited for gaming so built a new one for that purpose alone. Now up and running and have checked it out on the test server. Have been watching the training videos as well as those put out by others on YouTube. Been practicing and getting use to using a keyboard again. Planning on carrying a few extra bandages in my loadout and hoping to not make the Medic my friend. Looking forward to game time. JoeMag
  11. TRS-80 - now I don't feel so old. It was a big deal the day we got the expansion drive for that at work and I was the one to use it. Yep, the one with 3 drives that could each hold a floppy as big as a dinner plate. Lord Yod - thanks for the tip on Play withsix. I have not been able to get six updater to install/update the mods with a version error and a message about not being able to find TakeonH.exe Plan to watch the video later tonight and try PWS instead. Looking forward to getting into the game.
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