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  1. Had a really good time overall, despite minor technical issues. Will be posting my videos.


    One note: on Siegfried Line and Chef du Pont, Bazookas must have been different. In former, I was able to range it, but on latter, not. Latter also looked worse and was clipping inside my head when I turned.


    The Siegfried mission used Faces of War weapons. This was based upon feedback from the prior event for the Flak Guns mission which originally had Iron Front weapons. I created new versions of Flak Guns and Brecourt which now have FOW weapons and used the same basis for loadouts when developing Siegfried. I agree the FOW weapons look more realistic - even the magazines!

  2. I have a couple of missions I roughed out with Iron Front awhile ago. I am going to open them and finish them. Give me a head's up if you move forward and then later when the mods are on the test server. As I finish them, I will upload for further testing. I have found some interesting scripts such as having the field guns firing for the Brecourt Manor Assault . I have a couple of missions for the Normandy map.  There is a good selection of equipment and men where one could create a winter mission on Thirsk as well as on the Desert map.

  3. Thanks for the feedback! Migrated Steam & ArmA to a new and larger SSD then migrated mods to that SSD from hard drive to improve load performance.  Neglected to update reference for one mod which was creating errors when in-game; hence questioning mod load order.  Moving mods to SSD did provide load time improvement but not to the extent hoped from.

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