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  1. I really appreciate the posting of local time in addition to Zulu for the events.
  2. The Siegfried mission used Faces of War weapons. This was based upon feedback from the prior event for the Flak Guns mission which originally had Iron Front weapons. I created new versions of Flak Guns and Brecourt which now have FOW weapons and used the same basis for loadouts when developing Siegfried. I agree the FOW weapons look more realistic - even the magazines!
  3. Short clip from the Siegfried mission when we pushed through the breach.
  4. IFCO69 Siegfried V02
  5. IFTVT94 Sandstorm V02
  6. IFTVT85 Nos Amis V02
  7. IFCO29 Guns at Brecourt V03
  8. IFCO29 Flak Guns V03
  9. I have a couple of missions I roughed out with Iron Front awhile ago. I am going to open them and finish them. Give me a head's up if you move forward and then later when the mods are on the test server. As I finish them, I will upload for further testing. I have found some interesting scripts such as having the field guns firing for the Brecourt Manor Assault . I have a couple of missions for the Normandy map. There is a good selection of equipment and men where one could create a winter mission on Thirsk as well as on the Desert map.
  10. Are there any plans for hosting a similar event this year? Perhaps using the IFA3LITE mod pack? If this is a possibility, let me know since I would be interested in building some missions for it.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! Migrated Steam & ArmA to a new and larger SSD then migrated mods to that SSD from hard drive to improve load performance. Neglected to update reference for one mod which was creating errors when in-game; hence questioning mod load order. Moving mods to SSD did provide load time improvement but not to the extent hoped from.
  12. In what order should the mods be loaded when using the Steam ArmA 3 Launcher?
  13. CO20 Oil Rush V1.1
  14. Sign-Up: Nickname (ingame/ts) : JoeMag Dates available: 15 March I have reviewed and understand the prerequisites.
  15. I may have been experiencing the same problem where PWS was erroring out during the update for Acre2 and was able to resolve it by deleting @ACRE2 and rerunning PWS.
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