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  1. Is Muldraugh completely boned for loot? Also not certain about the etiquette, is it cool for me to bring my non UO buddy?
  2. Sleeping is disabled in multiplayer.
  3. Going to go ahead and preemptively bail to deal with some stuff since I'm on reserves. Good luck everyone.
  4. I personally think the default sightlines on the zombies are a bit OP. If you have anything short of 1080p zoomed out all the way they can see farther than you. Still will probably jump on.
  5. Stupidly. I really enjoyed the Cities in Motion series. I skipped out on Sim City, hopefully this will fill the gap.
  6. This is a really cool idea, if done correctly I think it could provide a really useful one stop shop for reference materials. It could potentially be very useful for newer members if things like basic contact reports, orders and formations were included. I know that the RTO "cards" exist but they're extremely clunky when printed out. I have pretty limited desktop space and that solution just won't work, especially if I have a notebook open taking notes on leadership roles or contact reports. If they were designed to be printed and cut into 3"x5" cards they'd be more practical. We also suffer from having training materials that would benefit from being in a small form factor like this (artillery tables, Default Acre keybinds, medical procedures, along with what I listed above and/or forgetting) being distributed in user created guides with little standardization and updating. To have these materials printed out, organized, easy to access, and updated with the changing game environment is just not something I find reasonable to do. I know very little about app development, but am really just using this opportunity talk about our training materials as a whole. Having "flashcards" on different subjects, with clear, easily updatable UO best practices I think would be greatly beneficial to the player base. I know this is probably beyond the scope of what you're talking about doing Pax, but your idea is too good not to talk about developing further.
  7. Awww sheit. Might have to drop by and wreck shop.
  8. User has been oppressed by this post.
  9. Who are you? I am your moderator. Well, I didn't vote for you. Members don't vote for mods. Well, How'd you become a mod then? The Regulars of Legend, their heads adorned with Track IR, held aloft a Regular Poll from the bosom of Active Voting, signifying by divine providence that I was to carry the Green Tag. That is why I am your mod. Listen. Strange nerds lying in forums distributing mod rights is no basis for a system of government! Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some standard operation. Be quiet! You can't expect to wield supreme power just 'cause some teamspeak channel threw a poll at you! Shut up. I mean, if I went around saying I was Impulse just because some green chavs had lobbed votes at me, they'd put me away! [warning point] Shut up! Will you shut up?! Now we see the violence inherent in the system! [warning point] Shut up! Come see the violence inherent in the system! Help help, I'm being repressed! [ban Thread] Bloody Peasant HELP! I'm being oppressed! This user is feeling particularly oppressed right now, perhaps you should comfort them.
  10. A friend sent me this yesterday, I still haven't recovered. My poor childhood.
  11. Army Hard Here's Boxy. Just finished a mod (read: paint) on the keyboard and can finally call this build complete. (please ignore tactical combat bear) Pretty happy with how the replacement for the orange accent on the G710+ went. Shitty photography night shot.
  12. I second complimenting UOTC at trying to make sure the playerbase is competent. Keep it up.
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