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  1. Thanks to both of y'all, I went to "Internet" and then changed the filter name to "United" and it popped up after a moment, and I was able to connect to the mission-choice screen. Can't believe I didn't think about that yesterday! Thanks a lot.
  2. I just installed all the mods needed for play on the primary server using the Arma3Sync "Getting Started Tutorial" on the UOWiki, here: http://www.unitedoperations.net/wiki/Getting_Started_Guide_(Arma_3) I followed each step, until step towards the bottom when it says, "You can now launch the game by selecting the newly added server and click "Start Game"." I tried it, and it would open Arma 3, but it would stay on the splash-screen where it just says "Arma 3", and this would not change, as if it was frozen, except the fps counter in the top right stayed at 10 for a few moments, then would flicker to 2 or 3, and then back to 10. So, as the tutorial suggests, if I had trouble connecting that way, I could "navigate to the Multiplayer server browser, click the button labeled "Remote" in the bottom right-hand corner and enter the following information into the corresponding boxes: IP: arma3.unitedoperations.net Port: 2402 ". There must have been an update to the interface since this tutorial was written, and there is no longer a "Remote" button like from before and previous Arma's. So, I assumed "Direct Connect" is the same thing, and tried that. I remember from Arma 2 that it would take a few moments for the server to pop up when trying to find it in this manner, so I waited, and waited, and waited, and nothing happened. The only option that would come up would be "Host a server". The final thing I tried was the "Server Browser in Launcher" button in the bottom right of the multiplayer screen, and funny enough, I found the server. However, the launcher would not let me connect to the server because I did not have any of the mods to do so — wait, what? I had installed them with Arma3Sync... Is this a problem that had already been dealt with somewhere deep in the forums? I noticed that no one has been on the primary server for at least two days, is there some kind of maintenance going on? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. If only we could transfer this kind of concern to the Ukraine situation :/.
  4. Name: Strikr Class Requested: JTAC & FO. Days Requested (optional): Weekends (relative to U.S). Times Requested (optional): 2000z - 2230z Special Remarks: N/A
  5. *EDIT to my EDIT* Forget everything, I'll be there, for real this time.
  6. Nickname ( Strikr/ Strikr) It's likely I'll be back in time for this, but if not I'll come as soon as possible, thanks. *EDIT* Woops, miscalculated time, unless this is going on for an hour or more I can't make it, sorry, I'll make the next one.
  7. Yeah turns out where I'm at is like 100 miles from my computer, so I must canceling my attendance. Point is I'm not going to be there. Sorry.
  8. Nickname: (In-game) Stikr (TS3) Strikr Date and Time available: Mostly anytime on weekends, 2000z and forward on weekdays. I have attended FTP1 as a participant and I reviewed and understand the prerequisites.
  9. Let it be known that my TS and ArmA name has been changed to Strikr.
  10. Let it be know my TS and ArmA name has been changed to Strikr.
  11. Over the past weeks, I've realized that my name was not really the best choice, considering how a lot of missions have assets named "Alpha". I have gotten confused if someone is calling for "Alpha" meaning they need me "AlphaStrike" or the squad. Not sure if it would be possible for me to be able to just change my name and keep my TS tags and such. If I could, I think I would just change my name a little and make it to be something like Striker3 or just Strikr (left out E on purpose). If it is at all possible I wish to do it, as I will just continue to be confused and it will confuse others too. Thanks. -Alpha.
  12. Name: AlphaStrike3 Class Requested : Fire-team operations 2 and on. Days Requested (optional) : Weekends Times Requested: 2130Z - 0100Z Special Remarks: These are always at like 1am EST on weekdays :/
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