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  1. Interested in Viggen, will try to make time on Sundays and remember how to bork appropriately.
  2. Skyenet

    UOAF - DCS 7 - 1500z

    Can element lead or lead Colt or Dodge.
  3. Does the missile mod adjust the DLZs as well? Generally in favor
  4. Some photos from DCS 004 View on final to target Incoming rounds during bombing run View on egress from target, with some lovely shacks from Neuro Force being helpful and brakechecking me while looking for battle damage My excellent landing attitude And the battle damage Force helpfully didn't point out Video to follow when I can be assed to edit it
  5. Still processing, but Force's absolutely tremendous ATC talk-on during pitch black ops
  6. Out due to true nerd activities (D&D), but when I get paid I will order the Hornet
  7. I spent forever looking for a suitable screenshot from PACT OP: The Game to include, but unfortunately I couldn't find one, so instead I give you this:
  8. It's plausible that it was just a distant contact with either an enemy R77 or allied AMRAAM that was either going for something else, or had missed already and was ballistic. If it was just an M with no audio warning, you weren't the target (though you still did the right thing). If there was an audible warning, you did the right thing,even if the game was imagining it.
  9. In the config editor (launched from config.exe or the launcher) there's an option to export MFDs for cockpit builders. Make sure that's not ticked, because it sounds to me like it might be if the blank MFDs still occurs.
  10. Seems like the only master caution that appeared in your last flight would be after you released weapons and/or tanks and went from a CAT III stores config to CAT I.
  11. Regarding Master Cautions, you should be able to see a list of the errors that occurred in your last flight in <BMS root>\User\Logs\dtc_last_flight_faults.txt. MFDs blank and runway flashing (at least in online) sounds like a bitrate issue (for some reason graphics in BMS are linked to your online connection). Make sure when you connect that you're entering 1024 in the connection speed field or w/e it's called, but the master caution suggests that it could also be a game issue or your controls touching some buttons without you intending to.
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