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  1. Not until we get the numbers to change station, sadly. The station has few cameras so it makes playing the AI kinda shit. They spawn in the minisat undefended so it's pretty lame to be AI on Ministation. We could play OmegaStation next time, which is basically Ministation 2.0, if HeadShot wants to. Again, this would require more numbers.
  2. So we're fixing some ini files and the like should we play again. However I put a little summary based on my (shitty) memory of last night: Round 0 - Kinks get ironed out, people learn how to use chat. Several people say "I am a faggot" due to a malicious hint of the day. Admins learn what the fun commands do. Round 1 - A mouse hunt is called, many mice die. The reward for catching all those mice is magic powers, hence the wizard gibs everyone except the clown who robusts him. HONK!! Plot twist though, the clown was a traitor and promptly gets steamrolled by the Emergency Response Team since I double-clicked and 4 of those bastards show up to deliver space justice. Round 2 - Spess vines ruin the day, as does the spider infestation. Many die setting fire to themselves trying to remove all the space weeds. Santa shows up though, delivering a cook book and flamethrowers to the captain, Merry Christmas! A cyborg will later puts the captain in cuffs at one point for assaulting prisoners, so that's a thing. Janitors did a top-tier job staring at all the blood. Changeling is set on fire as the weed fire spreads throughout the station, many newcomers are taught how to deal with being on fire (SPAM THAT RESIST BUTTON!). Lessons are learned. Round 3 - A nice, quiet, standard traitor round. The engineer blows up most of the station with a plasma fire, however, he kills himself in the process. The doctor revives him! The engineer is escorted to the (half-built) shuttle by the emergency response team. The ERT and Engineer fight on the shuttle, due to one of the objectives being that they must survive alone. A massive explosion blows a hole in the middle of the shuttle, which the team are inevitably sucked in. Traitor victory! Hopefully we'll play again soon, with a larger pop. (and on Paracode if I can EVER GET THE DAMN THING TO PLAY NICE). Otherwise, hopefully some smaller-key rounds on Ministation wouldn't be too amiss. I did note a few things: Some automatically generated antag goals were unachieveable and had to be either admin edited or have the requisite items spawned in (i.e. stealing the Captain's stamp... there was no stamp). Few issues mid-round with people using TS as IC chat, we were hoping to leave this as OOC only so that players can utilise the in-game chat. I appreciate that whilst people are learning this will happen so I let it go, no biggie. Some of the antag/events are not balanced for Ministation. Meteors will almost certainly destroy the TComms link, spiders are quite numerous compared to the population of the station, etc. Some veteran SS13 players were searching for roles that were not available on Ministation as they are combined/mixed in with others due to the low pop. We might need to put a notice with links to the job roles/station map to help players get acclimatised. The server kept setting the round type to Extended so I either had to switch it before the initial game timer started or add custom antags mid-round. This is less than desirable and hopefully we can change the mode to secret and have the server randomly generate a gametype in future. On Ministation, the mice will inevitably chew through the cables and cut off power to an area. So it's best for the engineers to go on a mouse hunt once they've nothing to do. We had a lack of security/medical staff in previous rounds whilst having 2 cargo techs and 2 janitors, will need to look at balancing roles.
  3. HONK!! Due to the smaller station size I hope y'all will suck it up and find a role! no greytide pls In the spoiler is a guide to playing on a Private server in SS13 that I threw together... in case we needed it. For those who have no idea what SS13 is, this video by Mandalore isn't a bad introduction, IMO :
  4. Lexi

    UOAF - BMS #315 - 1900z

    Falcon1-1 / 1-3. (Will give up either slot depending on which one gets reserved by someone else first)
  5. Lexi

    UOAF - BMS #314 - 1900z

  6. Lexi

    UOAF - BMS #313 - 1900z

    Panther / Serpent
  7. Yes but I'm not in your timezone.
  8. Radar elevation on the FCR set too high or too low? Distance the (radar) FCR is set at ? (40 nmi is good). When you say the F-15 works fine, do you mean in BMS too??
  9. Beatty is back?? Nice to see you old friend !
  10. Using spoilers so it doesn't get too intensive for shitty-internet users. 4 ship left-echelon.
  11. x1000. If we want to increase the level of professionalism (at all times, not just when regulars show up en masse) it will require a serious commitment of time and energy; not just by waving the charter rules at people but by swiftly kick/banning those not following them and delivering other appropriate outcomes. I'd also like to say, from a UOAF BMS/DCS perspective, the ARMA3 community needs to maintain a healthy level of training to improve the level of play. I've seen new folks get bashed for not knowing stuff and although there are times where people should be using common sense, try to offer some compassion for newer players. The problem isn't just the training however, it's that the "atmosphere" on the primary (mostly later in the evening for me) slowly devolves and becomes, at least for me, less enjoyable and I know I'm not alone in that. I have no idea how to solve this issue, it's just that from being in another UO area I know that different "atmospheres" are possible from within UO, we need to decide what we want to be in ARMA3 as what we currently are has been the same for years now. For BMS and DCS we have minimum competencies, maybe it's about time UOA3 had them.
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