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  1. Class Requested: JTAC/ FO / Pilot Days Requested (optional): Soon Times Requested (optional): GMT 2100 or earlier. Plsplsplsplsplsplsplspls
  2. Again it depends on ur OC. If ur going for 'sane' OC''s its enough. If ur trying to push it to the very edge you will need a beefier PSU (from a reputable brand) capable of supplying the wattage and voltage stability on the cpu rail. Also there is no such thing as futureproofing.
  3. Get the cheapest 2x4gb ddr3 ram u can find. 1333 mhz if its significantly cheaper than 1600 mhz, 1866 mhz if its only a tad more expansive than 1600. (protip: http://pcpartpicker.com/part/kingston-memory-khx16c9b1bk28x ) Also did you mean a 4670k? In that case get a CPU cooler for it (as ur gonna overclock). If u went a normal 4670 drop down to a H87 motherboard, that can save u 30 bucks easily. @SpitFir3Tornado Unless hes planning to go SLI in the future (in which case hes an idiot. Just sell the 760 and get a better card) or going for sick OC's 500 watt is more than enough for ur average user.
  4. QTF. Unfortunately I couldn't attend the mortar/arty course due to schedules but I'd love some other courses, including famil course.
  5. Just adding the note that Chen was explicitly asked when slotting up if he was good at roleplaying, and if he wasn't he shouldn't take that slot. He said he was and everyone agreed upon chen being the ambassador.
  6. Asyaa Date is good Had FTP1 and read the material Signing in case of no shows.
  7. Count me in, Asyaa ~ Niels. Haven't reviewed the files yet, gonna do that now.
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