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  1. Name: darianClass Requested: Familiarization Course, Land Navigation CourseDays Requested: Any day except for WednesdaysTimes Requested: 18:00 Zulu or laterSpecial Remarks: Been looking to do a land nav course for the longest time. If anyone is able to teach it please message me. I can share my schedule with you and we can work something out.
  2. Previously connecting to the server was a breeze; the Arma 3 launcher told me exactly what mods the server was using and I just had to load them and join. Now, the server isn't "transmitting" the required mods so I have to manually check them all off by looking at the list on Teamspeak 3. Is there any way to fix this so I can receive the required mod data from the server?
  3. Thank you for the detailed posts! I shall read up on these and try to build my briefing using these resources.
  4. I am looking to write a briefing. I am following the briefing guidelines from the wiki page, but it does not come with a real example of one. Can anyone post some missions that have extremely well made briefings that I can use as aspiration to make a decent briefing SQF?
  5. Redfor CO was killed in the first minute of gunfire, so as PSG I took our squad on the southern flank, had an epic ending.
  6. I can't seem to find a mod or modpack that has the MT-LB. I know that there ARE MT-LB mods out there, and I was hoping we could find one compatible with ACE. The MT-LB would fill in a nice light armor niche and I can see it being used to balance out many scenarios, especially TVT.
  7. Darian here - would like to give a finer detail on my infringement of the rules, this is my third ban and its time I spoke up. First disruption - I am looking at a user with weapons raised. Overlord tells me to lower my weapon and not to point it at friendlies. I snap back with "leave me alone dude, I have the gun on safety! It's the same thing! etc." Overlord tells me that's not good enough and we jab at each other saying the same idea about 2 times, and I grumpily fall silent for the next 2 minutes, the squad on standby. Second disruption(?) - I am looking away from the squad towards the sky on a hill. the Squad Leader/ FT Leader are discussing movement along the coast, my buddy opens my door and asks if we would like to order some pizza. I am half looking at the screen and half looking at my buddy when I notice a player deliberately walking in front of me so my character's gun points at him. My buddy leaves my room, and I am amused at this point so I continue to pretend to still be idle to see what this guy does. For about 20 seconds this dude stands in front of my character, loses interest in me and walks over to Squad Leader and FT Leader. This may have been silently acknowledged as the second disruption by Undead/others. Third disruption - Approximately 10-15 minutes pass from the second disruption, red team and squad leader are clearing a compound close to the shore. We are in the middle of the compound and Morbo513 asks red team (which I am included in) to go to his right side and move north. I didn't do this action in the time of 5-8 seconds making me a burden, so Overlord tells to go to the left of Morbo513, voice filled with obvious annoyance. Fourth disruption - Again, about 5-10 minutes pass and we are now leaving the shore compound and moving towards the compounds with heavy conflict. Red team and green team are formed on squad leader and we approach a small hill. Everyone stops at this hill but me, I misunderstood the command and never heard a halt issue. I run about 2 meters over the side of this small bump, my character sticking out like a sore thumb when Morbo513 and Undead both shout for me to get back, both sounding pretty pissed at this point. I quicky run back to the hill and follow Undead's second notification of laying prone. Fifth disruption - We are just arriving at the first wall of the compound with heavy conflict when a respected Regular member by a name like Uri or Ulo ( I can't remember) ran ahead to the left of said wall and started rushing the compound. I naively follow after him thinking it's another order I didn't hear when out of the corner of my ear I hear Morbo513 yelling for Uri/Ulo? to come back, so I tell Uri/Ulo? that Morbo513 is looking for him, and follow him down a narrow alleyway where Morbo513 yells at both Uri/Ulo? and I clearly sounding fed up. Other disruptions - General lack of acceptable reaction time with the squad leader's commands, annoying other members by asking rookie questions like "how do I flip up my folded GL sight", and saying that I'd be "perfectly fine standing up" when members are laying prone taking cover from SPG fire. First tactical tuesday I've been to, thanks for the great time I guess, see you guys in two days
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