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  1. Any updates on this? Years worth of wiki content is just no longer accessible, really sad to see.
  2. Was revisiting the wiki and the link you provided as my HDD failed with all my saved documents. Is there an updated link? Even the index page for user created guides has all broken links I really hope those guides are not lost as they were and still are really great tools and resources.
  3. Hi! I was wondering how I would go about downloading the wiki pages to print? I have shown people some of the pages and have done my best to credit UO and whoever the main editor for the respective article was. If there are PDF's of the page that would also be great! Thanks!
  4. Hi It's been nearly three years since I've played here, I realize now that I fucked up and never made a formal leave of absence and simply dropped off. Personal issues and other related stuff, the usual. Anyways, I won't pretend like I know what's been happening since I've been gone, I want to start fresh, so treat me just the same as you would any new person. Thanks, looking forward to playing with you all sometime soon.
  5. I was there briefly during the ACRE2 Testing with the accompanying Clearing "training" MY Build: AMD 8120 Eight Core -3.10 GHz 16GB Ram 64Bit OS, 64 based Processor Turtle Beach Earforce PLA Decent connection
  6. Brah Y u revive this old thread Ill get on TS more next week
  7. I love being the "Scrum Master" hahaha , its such a useful tool for programmers, it can be applied in so many different ways
  8. "Knowledge is power and SA is knowledge." This could also tie in with good communication, something that is essential throughout squads/fireteams/buddyteams. Good communication is everything.
  9. Looks like space engineers simplified massively and with monsters added. Meh. EDIT: Oh and that computer terminal for the mothership is an almost exact copy. +1 for PVE, different monsters, caves on planets, PLANETS,
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