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  1. Switching out, connection issues again and couldn't fix in time. Next week!
  2. depends on what you want to do, since it's a multicrew situation you can find your niche. steering/diving is not hard at all once you understand the controls, while working as the signalman and interpreting the hydrophone + using it to track ships/convoys is a bit trickier and requires a little more experience. then as the captain/navigator, working out an intercept and torpedo solution definitely requires more than a handful of hours of study/practice, but you can safely ignore all that if you're content with being part of the team and being the legs of the boat while you learn more advanced stuff
  3. oops, finger slipped and i bought it i'm EU based so for me something between 17z and 00z is best but can potentially extend a few hours to catch it. haven't played it yet but i sunk (heh) many hundred hours in ww2 subsims so i should be ok with most roles hah i completely forgot the name thing. should be =]NF[= N3uro
  4. Edit: didn't see headshot going for c12 [neuro/c14 gunner] Can also take c14 commander in a pinch but probably best someone else with more experience takes it just to be sure
  5. Rusty, but interested and available (generally) sundays at 19z
  6. in, wouldn't mind a gazelle to be honest but can fill viggen or hornet as needed.
  7. neuro

    UOAF - BMS 364 - 1900z

    tentative (90%) for any wingman slot, can't leave for the holidays without a flight
  8. tentative f18 or viggie, depending on work (sigh) edit: switching to out, since attendance is low i'll take the chance to get some more work done (double sigh)
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