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  1. Edit: didn't see headshot going for c12 [neuro/c14 gunner] Can also take c14 commander in a pinch but probably best someone else with more experience takes it just to be sure
  2. Rusty, but interested and available (generally) sundays at 19z
  3. in, wouldn't mind a gazelle to be honest but can fill viggen or hornet as needed.
  4. neuro

    UOAF - BMS 364 - 1900z

    tentative (90%) for any wingman slot, can't leave for the holidays without a flight
  5. tentative f18 or viggie, depending on work (sigh) edit: switching to out, since attendance is low i'll take the chance to get some more work done (double sigh)
  6. Still have to be out, between work and social stuff i'm rarely free on saturdays anymore :\ will probably go on for a while longer. Have fun!
  7. In, Wiking or maaaybe jtac, if i have time to review docs :3
  8. neuro

    UOAF - BMS 355 - 1800z

    In, probably lead a dead
  9. I fly as much as i can since i don't care too much for the bugs (also in viggen i trust), but i realise that some people are invested in the f18 and have been put down by the situation. I think in general the interest is there but we just don't have a critical mass for regular run events, i think planning/editing a few themed missions instead of a campaign (having a "bouquet" to choose from depending on attendance for instance) and running blueflag/dynamicdcs pickups as a fallback is an option until situation improves. I'm willing to set up semiregular eurofriendly sparring evenings if there's interest
  10. neuro

    UOAF - DCS 10 - 1800z

  11. not saying it was the best moment in my time with uoaf but it's easily in the top 3. thank you so much warbird i was in tears.