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  1. This could be a good motivation for more players to start trying it and someday become UO platform.
  2. Whats the reason behind you not building one of your own? Thats the best way to go and get the most bang for the buck.
  3. Im new at the community and even I attended a fireteam course and heard a whole familiarization course this helped me a lot as well. Thanks for taking the time to write it.
  4. Name: Solidmorph UOTC Course: UOTC Fireteam Practical One Time/Date: December 19th, 2013 @ 2200z Instructor: Enex Feedback: Taking in to consideration that this was my very first experience with the ARMA 2 series multiplayer/mods/TS3/ACRE I felt that the class went really smooth for me. Trying to struggle to understand some military terminology to which Im not familiar but aside of that it was really enjoyable and learned a lot. By the end of the practice we were doing an acceptable job calling out targets and engaging them. Enex as a instructor was superb. Really communicative and he has this way of not making you feel like a complete ignorant when you dont know something. I will gladly join the next ones if Im allowed. Thanks,
  5. I was not in-game due to still installing the mods at the time of class but managed to hear everything on TS and even without the game open I managed to get a clear understanding of most of the topics. Really great class and thank you for taking the time and willing to do it.
  6. I will surely try to catch it. Already submited my inscription. Trying with the Arma 2 repository. Yesterday was able to play Arma 3 and it happened that Hemerald IIRC was there so be played for a while. ACRE was working fine. Well see with Arma 2. Thanks all, Solidmorph
  7. Solidmorph. Working on installing the addons. Need to find the repository for it.
  8. I did not understood a word of what he said but still learned one or two things.
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I just checked that video and will try with the ARMA 3 repository (I did not know there was one available) and about the UOTC I would gladly attend but I dont think I can get all the mods sorted out for tomorrow. Work wont let me. UOTC is only for ARMA 2? Thanks in advance for the repplies, Solidmorph
  10. Hello, Well, since none of you know who I am Ill begin by typing that I go for the name of Solidmorph but my real name is Carlos. Im a full time medic and a part time gamer, 28 years old male who lives in Nicaragua, Central America. A little bit of my background as a militarism gameplay fan dates to the Project Reality for BF2 gold days. The ones when Reality Tournament was in place. Since that day I acquired a love for the tactical and organized gameplay. I like taking a regular soldier role with a rifle in my hand and do some ground pounding under command. I bought Arma 2 and Arma 3 but Im still trying to understand the whole deal about the moding. Being trying with SixUpdater and managed to get some to work and others not. The one I cant seem to understand even I watched a bunch of videos and tried joining servers with it enabled is ACRE. Would love to start playing as a part of this community and to attend to some troops training. A little help with the mods setup and performance fixing issues on Arma 3 would help a lot as well. Thats all for now and hopefully will see you on the battlefield. Solidmorph,
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