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  1. There was no mention from the BLUFOR CO to not take enemy weapons in the brief, and there was only the CO commanding a single SAS squad that i was leading. As we moved through the town we spotted an enemy on a roof, I called it out, I was told to take him out. The rest of the squad moved into his kill zone, I lost sight of him on the roof so I moved in closer to toss a grenade on the roof. I threw 2 grenades on the roof and moved around to the ladder to check if I killed him. As I was moving around I ran into Slider hiding in the tree line beside the building. I took him out, called it out on the radio that I took someone out. I did not receive any indication that the CO was still alive so I took the AK. Called out on the radio that I took an enemy AK and was moving up the ladder to check the roof for the initial enemy. Again I heard nothing over the radio further solidifying my assumptions that I was in command. On the roof I caught an enemy by surprise as he was check the edge, I assume looking for me. So now I'm on the roof, I had no contact with the rest of my squad or the CO until they moved closer to the building I was on top of. I was a squad leader, the CO never said anything in the brief, when he didn't respond I assumed he was killed putting me in command. From my perspective I did nothing wrong.
  2. I was the squad leader of the SAS team, I called it out on the radio that I was picking up an enemy AK. CO had either been killed by that point or chose not to respond. As far as I'm concerned I did not break any rules.
  3. Stomphole 06 April 2000Z I have attended FTP1 as a participant and I reviewed and understand the prerequisites.
  4. Sign-Up: Stomphole Date and Time available: Mar 26, 20z I have attended FTP1 as a participant and I reviewed and understand the prerequisites.
  5. Name: Stomphole Class Requested: Fireteam operations Days Requested (optional): 3/2/14 Times Requested (optional): Any time but preferably after 1900Z
  6. In-Game Name: Stomphole Dates Available: 7 January 2014 , 2000z I have reviewed the prerequisite material and understand: ✓How to Use ARMA2, Ace and ACRE ✓Fire team formations ✓Fireteam roles
  7. Name: Stomphole Class Requested: Familiarization Days Requested (optional): 12/20/13 or 12/21/13 Times Requested (optional): Any
  8. Hey guys! I've been playing ArmA 2 for a while now, according to steam I have 165 hour, and it's time to step things up to the next level with ACE/ACRE and a more serious community. I've done a little bit of fooling around with ACE, and I think I've got a handle on how ACRE works I just need the practice. So I'm totally looking forward to some training. On a more personal note, I'm a 22 year old Canadian from a good sized city in South Western Ontario. I work nights on an odd schedule 4 days on/4 days off and with a girlfriend that lives 2 hours away I'm not always available at the drop of a hat. Well that's enough aboot me, I'm looking forward to playing with you guys.
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