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  1. Would like to see the AI with less skill so they aren't just murdering people the moment they see them. Also maybe give Opfor some sort of body armour so they don't just get 1 shot by anything. Besides that I like the mission idea
  2. User received a warning point for this post. User received a warning point for this post.
  3. You are blatantly lying about the events that transpired. You were argumentative with me about what the AO actually was. I asked multiple other people to verify what it was but you talked over me and the others the whole time saying we were wrong. You threatened me by saying "You had connections higher up in UO" I am not trying to hide my actions. I have already admitted to taking your weapon and that's what the ban is for so I have no idea what you are on about saying "I am trying to hide my actions". The only person here lying about events and trying to hide what you did is you.
  4. I did not take your gun because mine was "crappy" I took it because you were acting incompetent and argumentative during the brief and I did not believe you to be fit for the role so as the CO I took the action I thought correct. "I got to mine, then noticed I didn't give you any GP-25 ammunition" You gave me a couple on the ground not all of it. By the time you came to the corner of the compound the enemy had already been spotted and mortars were fired. You not giving me all the ammo in the first place was your fault not mine. I specifically told all of you to hold your positions and defend against the enemy. You disobeyed this order, abandoned your position, and ran across open ground giving away my position and getting us both shot at. Also "tasking for a jip" We were in a fire fight with the enemy, that is not the time to do that whatsoever. Your "drawing" is also incredible inaccurate on many levels from where my position is to where the enemy actually was.
  5. The claim that I was told I didn't have the GP ammo to begin with is either false or I did not hear it. As the enemy was within 2 minutes of being able to attack I was trying to get to my position as possible. I did get some of the GP ammo not all of it, hence why I didn't realize it immediately. I asked in the map screen that the user hand over the weapon to me because he had made multiple false statements and was being very aggressive so I did not want him being responsible for that role. My statement that "This was proven very quickly to me as Grimreaper was within voice range but felt it necessary to reveal my position and disobey my orders to stay at the compound all so he could tell me "the enemy is in the west" which I already knew very well." Was only a post to further prove that my assessment of his actions during the brief were justified. " The CO does not have jurisdiction over the members of another squad." He was part of my squad as well, there wasn't even another squad leader. "In this situation, you are removing the GP because you feel the player is incompetent in its use, yet you do not take the ammunition for it." I had some of the GP ammo, not all of it. I did not remove the GP what so ever. I just made a simple mistake of not grabbing all the ammo.
  6. I thought I had taken the grenades but by the time I was informed and realized it the enemy had already been seen and mortars were fired. I was in an open field 50-70m away from the compound. I told my team to stay at the compound and dont try to run to me and give me the ammo I messed up by not grabbing the ammo yes but i did not intentionally do this. After I told them to stay at the compound and not come to me the enemy started to engage us, Grimreaper then decided to charge across open ground to my concealed position and get us both shot at. I acquired the weapon due to the nature of what position I was in and deemed it necessary to use that weapon. "By removing the grenadier's weapon, he is degraded in his effectiveness." I believed Grimreaper to be detrimental to the mission success so I took it upon myself to perform the role of grenadier "A Leader may request the removal of players that are disruptive or detrimental to gameplay." This was proven very quickly to me as Grimreaper was within voice range but felt it necessary to reveal my position and disobey my orders to stay at the compound all so he could tell me "the enemy is in the west" which I already knew very well. I do not believe forgetting to grab the extra GP ammo warrants a ban as I made a small mistake that did not affect the success of the mission in any way as my team only took 2 casualties and won very decisively
  7. Spitfir3 had a weapon with very little ammo as well as we had zero body armour. I let him know he could take armour and a weapon if needed as that was what I needed for mission success. I believe spitfi3 only took armour and a weapon as I described.
  8. I was the CO of spitfir3's team and did give him permission to use enemy assets if needed.
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