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  1. I appreciate it fellas. Thanks for all the info. Excited about starting this journey.
  2. Ok... For familiarizing myself with the game, would you recommend me starting in 2 or 3?
  3. Hey there. My name is Tom. Been gaming on and off my whole life. (I'm 41 - have 3 FANTASTIC children and I'm married to the love of my life). Spent the last two years heavily involved in WoT. Became intrigued with Arma after watching a stream. I've bought Arma 3 and I picked up Arma 2 Complete last night for about $8 bucks (why not?) Looking forward to getting to know UO and the game. A quick question - is UO still playing Arma 2 mainly or is it on Arma 3? Mach_V
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