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  1. TVT75 Burnt Buns V1.0
  2. Are you interested in attending? Yes Have you purchased Global Mobilization? Yes
  3. V4.0- Map Clutter reduced. Briefings reworked.
  4. Thank you to James for responding promptly. Mission has been updated addressing the gear issues. For context, the BMP-2s commander seat cannot access the vehicle racks when they should be able to. For the time being, I am giving Opfor 148s.
  5. Looking forward to the event. Just finished TVT108 Wet Feet on Tanoa so maybe we can play that? shameless self-promotion
  6. TVT108 Wet Feet V1.1
  7. The following code should allow for mission makers to interchange rocket, upk, and fab pylons. Additionally, it is plausible that the Mi-24, Apache, and Supercobra can be edited similarly however due to having a pilot and gunner difficulties emerge. To summarize what is going on: removeMagazinesTurret and removeWeaponTurret delete the ammo and weapon from the pilot slot [-1]. For copilot/gunner change to [0]. addMagazineTurret and addWeaponTurret create the ammo and weapon for the pilot slot [-1]. removeMagazine and addMagazine change the pylon visually. Note that under cfgmagazines there are unique pods for some weapons that are used instead of the weapon itself. Finally, included above is only a small sample of what is possible. There are variants of the S8 that are Thermobaric and Tandemheat, FABs in 1/2/4s, UPK 250/500/1000rnds magazines and S5 rockets.
  8. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/tvt31-twentieth-step-v21-r144? Russian Auto-Rifleman lack weapons as JORPKs were removed.
  9. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co40-take-myshkino-v11-r291? AI gear scripts are broken, multiple AI without weapons or uniforms. Someone should also check if Sacher's other Borovian missions are similarly affected.
  10. The time Original Pancake was perma-banned (temporarily) by Impulse. Skin was playing with himself by moving into our channel and then into Lancer's so Pancake immediately hops into Lancer's channel and starts screaming wtf someone keeps getting moved into our channel. I think it was a new record for how fast Impulse reacted by banning someone so GJ Pancake.
  11. Major "Echo" Morluck ready to be reinstated into the Xcom project.
  12. Name: Moluck Can you tell time: Yankee Time you can be on: 1700 Zulu How long can you stay: If not in conflict with prime-time then 7+ hours. Glad someone else is a bit sick of the FoTM. Also suggesting the possibility of Settlers of Catan (4 PvP), Pandemic (4 PvE), Ticket to Ride (5 PvP), Lords of Waterdeep (5 PvP), King of Tokyo (6 PvP), Carcassonne (5 or 8 w/ expansions PvP), Cosmic Encounters (8 often 6 PvP), Munchkin (8 PvP), or Eldritch Horrors (8 PvE) as future noteworthy options for different sized groups, playtime varies vastly though. (Max Legal Players)
  13. Early access space capital ship MOBA. Reviews seems mostly positive at ~70%, but haven't had the chance to try it myself. Apparently the reason for the promotion is that the game has reached its character progress reset for release. There is DLC thats also 50% off during the weekend, but the packs seems to only include skins, xp boasts and early supporter titles. All you need to do is hit install in the store to add it in the library, don't even need to download it immediately.
  14. One graphics driver update later to fix the game... Will participate in a later afternoon time, probably past 2PM EST (~1900 zulu).
  15. With XCOM 2 character creation isn't done on a campaign to campaign basis making characters more permanent. My favorite aspect of this is we could create customized characters that are selected or randomly choose who have a consistent look for everyone using them. I would suggest if you wanted to stream and record the mission at the same time to upload later, but this is generally more hardware intensive. For XCOM 2 though... who shall be the dark VIPs? No opposition here for continuation of the UO Platoon in XCOM 2 instead though.
  16. TVT60 Blockheads V1.0
  17. There was a second game mode only in multiplayer during the open beta, sector control. Instead of two bombs there is one 'biohazard container'. Instead of needing a defusing device the attackers just had to clear a single room of defenders to zone cap. The mode provided a nice alternate feel to bomb refusal since instead of two spaced out objectives there was one objective that was both easier to secure and defend. To answer Militant, one to two days of dedicated playing got me to clearance (level) ~14 out of 20 with a 50% booster which by the end of the Beta. I also had 13 of the 16 classes unlocked (should be 20 in full version) all with customized weaponry. This is slightly skewed by the fact that boosters give a 10% bonus in everyone else in the lobby and everyone in the beta received one so I was always getting at least +10% up to +40% before I received my own but unlocks should still be reasonable. Something that surprised me the most was the exceptional class synergy. On defense Mute and Castle could combine their jammers and reinforced barricades respectively to create unbreechable sectors. Conversely Thatcher and Thermite could works together with their EMP grenade and special C4 to outclass this combinations or just against Mute suppressing a normal reinforced wall. I agree with Thirdsin though, even with what the game has it feels more like a 40$ title. There was some definite highlights, but even with more maps and gamemodes the overall gameplay will feel samey unless you go out of your way to try unique strategies.
  18. If the top half was gibs... Scratch that, I don't want to know where you kept your dog-tags.
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