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  1. I'm trying to make sure some friends of mines ducks are in a row as far as their mods are concerned, and ACRE and whatnot, but cannot connect to the training server with the information provided. Same with SRV4. So i was wondering if they are still always up? Or maybe I just have some info wrong.
  2. Looking forward to this. Would love to see TVT97 The Long Watch on Altis get some play. *Win Wink Nudge Nudge*
  3. TVT97 The Long Watch V1
  4. Hm. Not sure how it got in my modpack then. Porting to different island.
  5. CO40 Insurgent Party V1
  6. Thanks. But before I took my LOA I had made mission and they had gotten play time on the primary. Worst issue they ever had was balance or I slapped the wrong sight on a gun. Just trying to get back into the groove of it trying to find out what's changed since I left. Another question though, would my missions have to go through the review team? And if so, has the response time for those guys gotten any better in the past year?
  7. Alright, thanks a million.
  8. As I return, I find myself ignorant of whether or not I need to add any required modules into a mission to enable any key features. I remember it was the case when we were still using CSE, but I'm unsure if that's the case with ACE3. I use Olsen's Framework.
  9. So, I can't seem to connect to the training server. I'm not sure if it's up all the time or not, but from before I left it was. And if that's still the case I can't seem to locate it when I filter for "UnitedOperations". I only see the primary and Testing 1. The reason I ask is because I'm trying to help my friend get his ACRE and everything functioning properly. If it's up 24/7, I would like to have the direct IP and port for direct connect reasons.
  10. Welp. I guess it's time to get around to this. Give me that tag. IGN: Incognito
  11. Welp. I am back once again. Incognito, AKA: Crazysteve, AKA: The guy who is STILL blacklisted from PL leader or above (can't wake up) AKA: The guy who puts an enemy Hind in a company sized mission with no AA assets to speak of. Anyways, after an unannounced and quite extensive LOA, I have chosen to return after one of my friends mentioned to me he might want to get into organized Arma. I asked him if he liked being taken aback by people yelling at him for unknown reasons, being confused by people with very thick accents who always seem to call you an idiot, and TACTI-COOL gameplay. He responded, "Yes to one of those things." So, it seems like UO is the perfect place! So, expect me and my brutally loyal companion to be showing up in TS and the Arma servers in the coming weeks. More seriously though, I will probably have to re-familiarize myself with the medical system, assuming that we're using ACE3? (does that even exist? Or was I hallucinating when I heard about it?), and the other mods. So help with that would be appreciated with that somewhere soon along the line. Also, is it like an unspoken rule that we primarily play on weekends? If so, it would be fantastic if I could get him in a big session for his first time.
  12. Now, this is a question about Vanilla Arma 3, and the way that artillery is simulated. Say, a Scorcher is resting on a slight incline. One plugs all the necessary grids and elevations into a functional artillery calculator. Will the gun fire on target? Or will the operator have to manually compensate for the offset brought by the slight incline? The real question is, does Arma just use magic to make it seem like the projectile was fired from a flat surface, or does it take the offset into account with the projectile trajectory?
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