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  1. Played a fair few hours of H&D2 online recently, captured a German officer in the mission with the crashed bomber, couldn't take his clothes. Not sure if that's completely disabled in co-op. Also, did you manage to host a game by yourselves? I remember reading that hosting a local server only worked on an XP system, don't have those lying around anywhere.
  2. Ingame/Form Name: Fonzie Are you willing to be a CO: No Are you willing to squad lead: No Are you a regular or donor: No
  3. https://twitter.com/ThinkAgain_DOS/status/565872083490447362 US Department of State's "facts about terrorism exposing" Twitter account joins the fun train.
  4. Двач represent! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuETXuNG3OU E: forgot my all-time favourite from Nasheed.
  5. The video game that allows you to play as an ISIS fighter slaughtering Westerners: Islamists give away combat simulator in a bid to recruit children and young men This is plain horrible. What can we do to stop this? Also, it's really great that ISIS guys have time to make quality mods like this. I guess it takes your mind off the job.
  6. I have never had it work for me and haven't even tried for the last 1.5 years. I suppose it's just one of those PWS things.
  7. There was a rather magnificent strip about Estonia and NATO that I saw some months ago, but it seems to have literally disappeared. I scoured several Polandball archives for an hour and could not find it. Not really into these, but it was hella funny.
  8. One very good not very well known movie I forgot to mention is The Beast. American B movie, portraying a lost Soviet tank in Afghanistan. The above mentioned Tora! Tora! Tora! is also great. You wouldn't believe it was made in 1970.
  9. Das Boot Apocalypse Now (Redux) Cross of Iron Downfall My all time favourites.
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