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  1. You can see me next week, let's see if we can't scrounge up a few more
  2. NCR/Caesar/Wastelander (Prefer Wastelander) (Can be leader for NCR/Caesar if no one else is up to it)
  3. Are you interested in attending? Yes Have you purchased Global Mobilization? Yes Also note, I'd say you should use Google Forms, as not many would take the time to write instead of selecting boxes of yes / no :)
  4. TVT27 Norwegian Survival V1.2
  5. TVT41 Norwegian HMKG Attack V1.5
  6. Twitch VOD from last night, when I arrived home and saw the group playing
  7. [HitTheMan | Platoon Commander / 1st Squad Leader Role (Or any SL Role) / Doom 1-2 Commander]
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