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  1. Reupload, worked in testing, no changes.
  2. Reupload, worked in testing, no changes.
  3. I implemented it for next update, I bet that will fix it, thanks.
  4. In my mission TVT30 Regime Change, the HVT death failed to trigger the end condition: if (!(alive PRES)) exitWith { "Al-Nusra victory! President Assad has been executed! Allahu Akbar!" call FNC_EndMission; }; However, it works perfectly in offline testing. Also, setFace in the init of units works in offline testing, but not online, such as: this setFace "PersianHead_A3_02"; Is there a simple way to fix that? Thanks in advance.
  5. You responded first. Sorry everyone else. I'll PM you the key.
  6. I donated $100 to it on Kickstarter a while back so... First person to respond to this comment get my extra steam Squad key for free!
  7. Yeah it does that. Just click the cog next to Active Real Time Protection > System Scanner > Scan > Exceptions and add the plugin in the Arma folder and the Teamspeak plugins folder.
  8. Yeah I'm not to sure what that is, I didn't do anything to the init.sqf for Start Text and nobody should ever have to. I'll look into it and see if i can get it to stop but I have no idea what it means and it's probably negligible.
  9. Awesome, that fixed it, thanks. But FYI, although it doesn't matter for me because I figured out I can just set in manually in init.sqf, the FNC_setMessages in settings.sqf still doesn't seem to work.
  10. http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=68266437072623692306
  11. Those settings were my first assumptions, and they didn't work, so that's why I asked to check. With the settings set exactly to that, and with line 200 deleted, and after redoing the entire thing, it still wont work. Deleting line 200 gets rid of the message, but a "The zone is uncontested" persists and refuses to recognize, neither in message or color, that a faction has captured the zone and it refuses to use my message settings. I'll attach the whole mission if you want to check it out.
  12. I only found a "hint str CZMARKERCOLLECTION;" in line 200 of capturezone.sqf, and there's only 39 lines in init.sqf. Deleted the one in capturezone.sqf didn't seem to do anything. And I don't know what you mean by calling the function before the capturezone, sorry, scripting noob. Can you please show me what they would look like?
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