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  1. Replaced my old Saitek Rat 7 a few months ago after it started double clicking at 4 years old, like saitek mice for the weight and the fact that theyre adjustable for size and shape, havent got massive hands but theres a wide range of adjustments than can lead to a very comfy mouse with a bit of work. nowadays theyre a tad pricey and they havent got the range of buttons thats other manufacturers have. if they were cheaper id love them went with a razer naga mmo after i saw it on sale at my local supplier and it came highly reccomended. its the mmo version so has a 12 button keypad on the thumb and the built in profile tool is fairly simple to use, still never use more than 6 buttons at a time but shifting ptt keys and weapon switches etc. to my thumb has done me some favours. a bit on the light flimsy side considering i used the full range of weights in the rat 7 but im getting used to it. find myself using the built in dpi adjustment more often to compensate when playing twitchy shooters vs games that require a bit more precision. if they were heavier id love them im a bit of a weirdo for hardware, (my keyboard is touching on 18 years old now) but those are my thoughts on the 2. Logitech mice were the other main contender when i switched to my razer but ive never had chance to use one myself.
  2. was hoping for a better drop in the price but i guess its not to be, last day of this wave of the summer sales. been following this game for a while but was putting off getting it because I didn't want to get bitten if it only ended up half finished. the genre is right up my alley, pc is good enough that its not going to be a complete slideshow even if the final optimization isn't perfect and I've been stopping myself from getting it thus far is this worth €23?
  3. Might not be able to join tonight. just got back from the road trip from hell. (started off with a 50 tonne fucking rock in the road and only got worse)
  4. RIP =( was sad when your narration disappeared from the Civ Series http://elitedangerous.com/namethestarport Reddit has come up with a good idea for a change, Naming our new station Leonard Nimoy Memorial. Just needs an email no signup involved. Just a thought.
  5. I have it in good authority that she drowned... *cough* 10/10 would play again P.S for all the inherent instability of CK2 mods and the hassle of not being able to JIP without starting the lobby from scratch, all went more smoothly than expected. my thanks to the Nightswatch(NoDebate) for loyal service and patience, i hope you managed to catch that White Hart at some stage
  6. Been loving this game, still pottering around in the smaller ships though. looking forward to what it can do in the future regardless of how steep the price is atm.
  7. Think its mostly vassal spots left anyway, should limit your ability to get ground underfoot if you mess up. (unless youre in the iron islands, im almost inevitably going to bite off more than i can chew at some stage) Take some time to get used to the mechanics and you can pick the rest up as you go.
  8. Name - Cken1774 Who do you want to play as? Any Do you have the mod installed? Yes Does the date work for you? (Date is subject to change if it sucks for most people.) Yes (no 6 nations that weekend) Does the time work for you? (Time is subject to change.) Yes Do you want to play with a buddy? I have no friends :'(
  9. Going to install out of curiosity/mild nostalgia. Got the original BC 3000AD with its textbook sized manual floating around my house somewhere. Cant imagine that its aged well though
  10. if youre still taking people im interested depending on times.
  11. i hadnt actually read up on this. didnt realise it was from the creators of the "Brytenwalda" Mod. Played that mod for a fair bit of my ridiculous number of hours in the M&B series(other than fire and sword). It was solidly made and added alot of new features, atleast as many as you could with just a mod. excited to see what they can do when playing with the core of the game.
  12. Been quite enjoying this, drummed up cash through bulletin board trading runs and then a bit of bounty hunting. Got as far as the Cobra Mk III, fitted some new guns, fuel scoop, examined the map to find a destination (initially Wolf 359) and set off. paying my way through exploration and harvesting my own fuel (took me a while to find a good balance between fuel harvesting and melting my ship in the sun), not the most efficient way of making money but I quite enjoy it. the connection issues are a bit of a pain, and it does need fleshing out a bit with a wider variety of content but its shaping up to be a lot of fun. I haven't really asked around for anyone else playing because the multi player features look a bit rubbish, hope they add everything kingslayer mentioned.
  13. I mostly only take supporting and 2IC slots but learning is good GMT
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