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  1. In my calendar 22nd is Sunday...if so, then I'm in. Nick: Griffith
  2. Thank you for your welcome, definitely Danish is also quite an interesting language to learn, but from my point of view Denmark is in the temperate south, so close but no cigar
  3. I just joined up a few days ago. I saw some videos made by the UO community members and the amount of effort put in to the play convinced me that UO aims to give quality fun. I have played the BI Studios creations from the beginning (have VBS1 too, lol), I have always liked them. For online gaming I wanted to find a place which would offer controlled game play and as good content as possible. I think UO fits the bill. About my playing style, well, I'm a PPP i.e. Piss Poor Pilot, so I would not be doing any aviation stuff. Other than that, I can die spectacularly well. I think the UO recommendation of going through the Familiarization Course and starting as a lowly rifleman is a sound advise. And I hope my ping won't get me in trouble, though it seems to hover around 140 quite constantly, so it shouldn't be a problem. But I can always blame it nonetheless. On a more personal note, I'm an old and achy man, living in a quite northern part of Europe, speaking a language no one would want to learn if it can be avoided. No, not Swedish. I do speak also English, with an accent of course, and some Dutch…though it's been over 6 years since I actively used it so jammer, maar ik kan niet zoveel praten, klootzakjes I think that's about it. Any questions then shoot. Oh talking of questions I have one. I need to check on the Testing server(s) that my setup works. Does it matter which one I use and does it have means to check up the Teamspeak/Radio(s) so that they work in-game also? See you later, as soon as the old guy gets warmed up... PS. And something clitched, so if it's a double post I'm apologizing. Way to start on the Forum, ffs
  4. Very well put together, I certainly got a lot of information from it. Jolly good show!
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