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  1. When was the last time we had "100 player epics"? In my year here at UO I've never experienced "100 player epics", so I see no issue in larger operations since I doubt we'll ever hit "100 player epics" again--no offense, UO Population.
  2. Merry Christmas everyone! Here's a present to the UO Community! HK416 finished product. 3 days of modeling finally finished. Now for UV and texturing...
  3. Work In Progress - HK416 Still modeling it, but so far it's coming out quite nice. Here's a few screenshots from the past few hours/days of working on it: (Most updated) Will be working on the HK417 after this (if I still have time).
  4. Get Strategic Air Command on the line. Were going to Happening-Con 1.
  5. TVT24(12) Cold Strike (Part 1) v1
  6. TVT24(12) Cold Strike v2
  7. CO18(10) 4RAR Defense V4
  8. It was a minor fix with little importance hence why I kept it as V1 seeing how it was not a significant change. This was also the reason why I changed the changelog for V1 to V1 (Fixed). Do I still have to change it to V2 even though there really isn't a changelog for me to write? Edit: I'll make it V2, but once again it was nothing major.
  9. CO33 Allied Traitor v1
  10. #JusticeIsServedInBowls

  11. Reason: When asked if I was impaired I responded with a fake drug--"Zargaine". I took Zargabad and replaced the "bad" with "ine" to make it sound like a drug. I responded with this fake drug for comedic effect when answering the questioner. Also, please research such things before banning someone--like myself--because that someone could miss out on a game they were looking forward to.
  12. So for some odd reason I was kicked from the game and banned for a day off UO Teamspeak, yet I found no reason as to why. I believe I was kicked for removing waypoints off map, yet I never did such thing. I request an explanation from any users, or the ban-er, that were playing around this time: 9/20/13 around 10:00 - 10:30 EST(Just figure out what 10:00 is in your timezone). I'd really like to know why I was banned.
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