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  1. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co19-gettingpaid-v2-r605? Please give PMC night vision since there are parameters for night time setups for the mission.
  2. Bob Ross's most recent painting. How did you guys do with your paintings compared to this?
  3. TVT28 Quick Action v2
  4. I joined halfway into the Zeus mission alongside a few others. When I joined I was confused as to what was going on. What I saw was everyone being clustered together on a small hill either firing or doing nothing as well as it taking a long time before the next step of the plan was executed due to the confusion. Now I will take into a fact that Cobra did indeed aim to get everything sorted and get the mission going, but I cannot overlook the fact that he was hostile towards another player simply because the player was disorientated. I was Headshot's MG assistant at the time and as usual an assistant would stick with whoever he is assisting. During our push on the right side of the hill Cobra began micromanaging our squad--not that I mind. He gave an order for all units to clear the nearby buildings while the MG team covered them. As Headshot and I began covering the players Cobra ordered me to go as well. I told him that I was Headshot's MG assistant, but then he replied with "I don't f***ing care!". Despite me being Headshot's assistant I didn't want to disobey orders and cause any issues, so I went with the other players. The squad leader then radio-ed the MG team to return to the squad however when Headshot started heading towards them Cobra told him to stay here and cover the squad. Our squad leader ordered Headshot to return a second time, but Cobra told Headshot to stay again. Confused between the two orders given Headshot decided to follow his squad leader's orders and return to the squad. A few minutes later Cobra regrouped with our squad and said to Headshot "You're a f***ing punk, dude" and never spoke to him again during that mission. In the past I've heard players insult one another, but that is because they are either joking around or are trying to get them to stay quiet for a bit so communication can flow smoothly again. However this insult was not a joke nor had any intention to quiet/silence the player for any good reason at all. Overall I don't mind if Cobra's ban length is reduced and I understand he may have been upset at the time since being a CO can be quite stressful, but I hope he understands that he can't simply be hostile towards other players like that especially when he's in a major role such as being a Commanding Officer.
  5. Ayy ACE 3 is here! Hopefully this doesn't turn out like crap.
  6. - CSE and AGM lose MANW - So salty they cover it up and both shut down at the same time - Just about a day before April 1st - Failing to eliminate the possibility of this being an April Fools joke This attempt is beyond repair. Try again next year, CSE and AGM.
  7. Agreed. Requesting more UO Ball memes. Y'all better deliver.
  8. Briefing notes don't say anything about the recon squads getting a jeep. Should put that in so COs can plan accordingly.
  9. "It's sick to allow these games to be sold, they are so realistic and are changing society, it makes no difference on which side you play" - Mike Hunt, Chester, United Kingdom "...they are so realistic and are changing society..." "...changing society..." Top Kek society. Top kek...
  10. Just found out that the old system where you can "Page Up" and down the range of your RPGs are not in A3. Disregard previous suggestion. On another note issues with conditions not triggering still applies.
  11. Conditions not triggering--specifically BLUFOR. Not sure about OPFOR conditions. Also recommend changing BLUFOR conditions from 33% to 50% or more for better balance. Seems absurd to play a mission that ends just as it starts. I understand it's 2:1 with BLUFOR having Humvees mounted with M2 machine guns, but none of that matters if the mission ends before anyone can do anything.
  12. Who would've knew that Rap was the source behind all evil. Good thing I don't listen to that Satan music.
  13. "100 Player missions are not the issue" "We've played with 100 players before, perhaps not in the past yea but the summer before we regularly hit 70 players and occasionally tipped into 100. Howeve there were issues that arose." Obviously 100 player missions were the issue. "The thread is about getting more population" And all my previous post are relevant to the topic in terms of supporting an increase in player count even though I doubt we'll get many.
  14. But currently we no longer do, so I see no issue. And once again I doubt we'll ever hit 70 to 100 based off the average population of players in the past few months. Sure we had 50-60 players during Tactical Tuesdays, but that's about it. They never sky rocketed past that.
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