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  1. V3 - Added Headless Client - Additional randomization for AI spawning - Added a QRF element
  2. CO38 Wetwork V1
  3. V2: - Medics are now ACE class Doctor - Introduced Headless Client - Removed optic on REDFOR MGs
  4. CO40 Clockwork V1
  5. V2 - AI Drivers added. - BLUFOR 1'6 is now 1'0. Updated in briefing. - Removed optics from most of BLUFOR, yet not all of them. - BLUFOR L110s changed to L110A1s. - BLUFOR CO and 2iC ranks dropped down a rank. - REDFOR briefing updated with a newer execution tab. briefing.sqf
  6. TVT54 Good Summer V1
  7. V2: - Player count dropped from 65 to 54. - Minimum player count increased from 30 to 40. - BTR-80s removed, replaced with trucks - 2nd Mi-24V given to BLUFOR - Ratio changed from BLUFOR 3:2 INDFOR, to BLUFOR 2:1 INDFOR - Panelek buildings made invulnerable, floors limited to 2-4 - QRF moves out 2 mins quicker, not a substantial change - Maps given to all players. - Briefing updated with important information. briefing.sqf
  8. Couldn't find an edit button, so I resubmitted an up to date version. Can this thread be deleted? Thanks.
  9. TVT65 Bad Winter V1
  10. TVT65_Bad_Winter_V1.Chernarus_Winter
  11. CO38 Spark V1
  12. CO20 Rainfall V1
  13. Must have been really tired. Dropped it in Review by accident. Resubmitting.
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