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  1. Hi Jimbo, I am definitely interested though it looks like the current session is full. Please keep me in mind if you decide to run a second session in the near future. --- In-Game Name: jmlane I have reviewed the prerequisite material and have completed FTP1.
  2. Name: jmlane UOTC Course: Fireteam Practical One (FTP1) Time/Date: 8 Nov-13 0200z Instructor: Jimbo Feedback: Thank you to Jimbo and Overlord for facilitating a really informative and well-organized course on the basics of being an effective fireteam. I really appreciated the opportunity to have participated in this course. I learnt a lot and will strive to make good use of my new knowledge on the UO servers. I will recommend the course highly to all that will listen. Shout-out to Adrian, Chris, and Mike for the good times in Alpha team.
  3. jmlane, tentatively. I'm on the East Coast so I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it out to this or stay for the whole thing. I will make a best effort.
  4. Thank you! I forgot all about those frustrations earlier yesterday. Thanks again for helping me get my comms up and running.
  5. Hello, I had the good fortune to finally get all the ArmA2 mods and patches necessary to jump on UO's server yesterday (on a Tactical Tuesday of all days). I had the opportunity to be placed with some great players (shout-outs to Viking, Inkompetent, and Orr) while I participated in three of the TacTuesday missions. Despite being freshly minted UO player and a relative newcomer to ArmA 2, I was made to feel welcome and a valued part of the team. It was possibly one of the best new player experiences I've had in tactical/MILSIM game communities. UO should be proud of this. I look forward to the next opportunity I have to jump on and I look forward to playing with you all soon.
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