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  1. @Overlord not everyone has the budget for the build of their dreams. the i3 4150 is a dual core with hyper threading, and certainly wont touch an i7 or i5 4690k in multi-tasking, but it is just fine for gaming if you can get away with not running at 60fps in 1080p. 40fps at 720p with all high settings in any game is just fine for me, and the socket type gives me room to upgrade when those quad cores drop a little in price
  2. Upgrade to an i3 4150, only dual core but at 3.5ghz and with multi threading it performs just as well as a low end i5 in video games. Paired with a 7770 HD it runs all my games at high/max with smooth FPS. Better yet, you will have a good upgrade path for the future when the i5/i7 drop in price.
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