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  1. Testing with Base game grenades and RHS grenades on the dedicated. Thank you train im unable to conduct dedicated testing. Im currently trying to reach out to the dev to seek approval.
  2. Can we get these added to server? It annoying to see the launched smoke grenades bounce off to oblivion. Really small mod. Tested works properly. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1486853849 Base https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1486862127 RHS compatability
  3. TVT42 Pillar of Ohmen V2
  4. TVT62 Get Greg V1
  5. Aphex

    TVT50 Hole in One V2

    Updated to V2: Changed Tandem Rockets to normal Heat rockets. Added PGO sight for Indfor. Increased fog density.
  6. TVT60 Meeting in Ruha V1
  7. TVT50 Hole in One V2
  8. TVT47 Oh Lordy V2
  9. Update 3 Pretty big update -Added ~8 sq KM to the SW. This is a bit more open terrain for combined/vehicular warfare. --Includes two towns and 4 rural homes/farms -Reworked forest grass. -Switched to Tanoa trees Progress Pic Pic One Pic Two Pic Three Pic Four
  10. Progress so far Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 Pic 6
  11. Update 2 -Added ~2 sq KM to the SE of playable area.
  12. Update 1 -Added ~3 sq KM ot the NW part of playable zone. -Reduced size of mod pack -Redone forest with increased performance of about 5 FPS on my system. -Fixed forest grass model to contrast less -Fixed town lighting -Fixed clutter grid loading Additional notes for mod as a whole -Playable area is in the NW of map. -I do not intend to finish the entire 40x40 area, thats only to give me room to expand where i want to. -Playable area is marked by a rock wall surrounding it. Can be seen on map. -Wheat fields are noticed by darker fields on map. If you zoom in you can see green dot pattern in the field to indicate it is tall wheat. Light/white colored fields are hay bales.
  13. What is CEEST? CEEST is a non specific European terrain that will grow with time. I will keep on expanding the size of the playable area with updates at least once a month. The terrain is not particular to one region of Europe, allowing MM to craft their mission to what ever region they would like. The initial playable area is a little over 9km^2. i intend to add about 1 square KM per month and keep on improving my workflow and my own assets as i go on. I did this because it is the way that i work best. For now the map leans heavily on previously created content but i plan on introducing seem of my own content over time. Particularly trees in the forest. What is required? - Apex expansion - Open chernarus project - PLP urban barriers - CUP (in modpack) - PLP containers (in modpack) -MBG Buildings (in modpack Suggestions are always welcome. Just PM me.
  14. C.E.E.S.T Continually Expanding European Style Terrain ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DOWNLOAD Required + modpack POST IN PROGRESS
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