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  1. Please remove the following mission pending conversion to OlsensFW. Anizay: TVT42 Dola Toll COTVT35 Pillar of salam COTVT10 Duck Duck Goose Rosche TVT47 Oh Lordy Ruha COTVT35 That tree just talked COTVT8 Drunk driving TVT42 Pillar of ohmen TVT50 Hole in one TVT51 Route root
  2. TVT51 Route Root V1
  3. There's a lot of confusion around the artillery systems in our mod-pack. I've done a deep dive into each system and will explain it all here. ACE MK6 Mortar Module “Air resistance” = OFF!! Below are some range tables i've made. M6 60mm: WEB / IMAGE / LOWRES M252 81mm: WEB / IMAGE / LOWRES 2B14 82mm: WEB / IMAGE / LOWRES Hilux rocket: WEB / IMAGE M119 & D-30: WEB / IMAGE / LOWRES ACE MK6 Mortar Ace3 features a module that can alter artillery ballistics and features in-game range cards for the MK6 and L16 mortar. Having the option “Air Resistance” = ON will make most rounds fall short, EXCEPT when using the ACE range table for the listed mortars above and the in-game range card for the m6 60mm mortar. The ACE range table will automatically switch between these option so you can use that table for either option. For all other system having “Air Resistance” = ON will fuck it all up, especially ITC. ITC Land systems ITC lands systems is the best arty system currently ingame. It features upgrades to most RHS artillery and its own fire control tablet for calculating solutions. I have taken their data and made range tables for the non-SPGs for realism's sake. Having the ITCs ‘Fire direction Tablet will allow you to calculate solutions for all supported systems. ITC version of the RHS systems can be identified by the Mod.0 in their name. 3CB mortars and derp tube 3CBs mortar is pretty nice. It allows you to ‘prep’ rounds outside the gun. The mortars will first pull rounds out of your inventory and then will pull from nearby piles and containers; not vehicles. The L16 81mm mortar will use the ACE range table and the M6 60mm mortar should use my range table. DO NOT USE THE IN-GAME M6 60MM RANGE TABLE!! 3CB factions also features cancer. Straight pure undiluted terminal cancer. Hitting anything of target has become a prayer. You will cry. That is the Hilux rocket artillery. Seriously guys, this thing will never hit what you are aiming at. But if you insist then go ahead and use my range table to increase your prayers chances of hitting. RHS Artillery RHS does not have a complex artillery system. Some RHS artillery do not have ranges and are completely unusable by players in any meaningful way. None have ingame range cards. Most of the systems have gun sights that show gun elevation in radians and none have compasses in mils. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING THE ITC VERSION OF RHS ARTILLERY With that said here is how to or not use each piece of arty in RHS. Use ITC landsystem fire direction tablet. M109A6 Paladin 2S3 Akatsiya Use ITC landsystem fire direction tablet AND/OR my range tables. D-30 Howitzer M109 Howitzer M252 Mortar 2B14 Mortar Completely unusable by players. (requires use of Arma 3 arty computer) 2S1 BM-21 M-142 Himars Recap (How should I find my solutions?) MK6 82mm base arma mortar: ACE 82mm range table M6 60mm mortar: Aphex M6 range table NOT IN-GAME RANGE TABLE L16 81mm mortar: ACE 82mm range table M252 81mm mortar: Aphex M252 range table or ITC tablet 2B14 82mm mortar: Aphex 2B14 range table or ITC tablet M119 105mm Howitzer: Aphex M119 & D-30 range table or ITC tablet D-30 122mm Howitzer: Aphex M119 & D-30 range table or ITC tablet Hilux Rocket: Aphex Hilux range table M109A6 Paladin, 2S3 Akatsiya, 2S9 Sochor, M4 Sholef, Zamak MRLi, M5 Seara : ITC Tablet Those are the only artillery systems that are operable by players in the servers current mod-pack. Thank you to Toadball from ITC for helping me pull the data to make these range tables!
  4. COTVT35 That Tree Just Talked V2
  5. COTVT10 Duck Duck Goose V1
  6. COTVT08 Drunk Driving V1
  7. COTVT35 Pillar of Salam V2
  8. TVT35 That Tree Just Talked V1
  9. Aphex

    TVT42 Dola Toll V1

    Updated to V2. Changes: Lowered UH-1 rockets. Shifted player count to indfor favor a bit more.
  10. COTVT35 Pillar of Salam
  11. TVT42 Dola Toll V1
  12. TVT42 Pillar of Ohmen V3
  13. Testing with Base game grenades and RHS grenades on the dedicated. Thank you train im unable to conduct dedicated testing. Im currently trying to reach out to the dev to seek approval.
  14. Can we get these added to server? It annoying to see the launched smoke grenades bounce off to oblivion. Really small mod. Tested works properly. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1486853849 Base https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1486862127 RHS compatability
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