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  1. Just thought I'd ask since curiosity got the better of me. Will the server ever be coming back. Don't mean to step on any toes asking this as I'm not sure of what's gone on or if theirs a reason just curios since I use to love playing here!
  2. Name: Jonny Class Requested: Squad Leadership & Fireteam Leadership Days Requested: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Times Requested: Anytime works Special Remakrs: N/A
  3. First of I appolagise if this is on the wrong section of the forums if so just move it where it needs to be. I think that including the TF47 Launchers mod would benefit the server as it adds in a CS version of the AT4 which greatly reduces the backblast allowing you to fire it indoors as the real version of the CS would. It also doesn't add much size to the repo (63mb). As I said feel free to shout at me if I have formatted this wrong or posted in the wrong place. Link to mod: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27620
  4. 1080ti is overkill on any budget in my opinion. It's made for 4k gaming but in my experience 4k gaming has not been something thats really supported atm. Even if you can get the frame rate needed for it your the UI and such is going to be weirdly scaled.
  5. I have a 1080 and for me its actually a bit overkill since I game at 1080p. I'm looking to upgrade to 1440p but thats more money down the drain so I would reccomend for 1080p a 1070. Tbh the 1070 is also overkill for a 1080p video card so you could even go 1060 (1060 is about the cap of performance with arma I'd say past that your gonna see gains within the margin or error)
  6. I know there being added but until then we could use something like this as a short term solution, for example yesterday no one could get comms with the T-72's on a TVT mission because they only had short ranges.
  7. I briefed this idea to perfk last night on teamspeak and he has said it would be possible but maybe not viable, anyways I've decided to post it on here to see what people think to get a few different opinions. Currently in ACRE we don't have vehicle radios like in ArmA II. So my idea is too have a script that would clear the backpack of someone manning the vehicle (eg. commander) and replace it with a 117 when they enter the vehicle and when they leave restore the content of there old backpack.
  8. Is it possible for me to add mods such as JSRS to the repo or will i be not be allowed in?
  9. Brilliant, when are these ran as I would love to attend.
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