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  1. In for Serpent2/Shark2
  2. Now, let's consider the time frame. I was going to say it was just a joke, however, I was beat to it as he said he said it directly after the last syllable had left my mouth, leaving me no time. However, I did help reinforce his statement, many times, and also gave him pointers to correct controls for the game, as I was going to do thing he had said, however, as you said, he beat me to saying the correct stance initially. All in all, this was a harmless joke that led to absolutely 0 issues on the server, and interfered with a grand total of 0 missions, so I still don't see how 1 month is justifiable for this infraction.
  3. Hey, I would like to make a comment on this. For one, right after I made the simple joke, as I was not serious about this at all, I told him to, in fact, not do this. I informed him that it would throw a grenade, and to instead press I to access the inventory. I told him it was a joke I make with other rookies, as it is a common rookie mistake. If it makes any difference, said player was not even planning on playing. I like to make jokes with other buddies while waiting, and help build a sense of camaraderie. I know what I said was probably wrong, but I didn't mean it in any sort of malicious fashion, I simple was trying to make a joke to a new player. I accept this ban, however, since it was a joke, can we take it down a little from a whole month?
  4. You were charging at the base, going from tree to tree, and not answering your Radio. And yes, you had a Radio, and I called asking if it was you. You never answered. When bolting from tree to tree at the base, and not answering your Radio, you looked just as much like the enemy as the enemy did. Answer your radio in the future.
  5. 1. Had no Binocs 2. Shit was crazy, and stuff happens. Don't be so butthurt 10-year old about it. Grow up. 3. It was a mistake, You got called out as a contact by a squad member, and I said open fire due to the fact we were taking fire.
  6. Name: Game-PC Position: Riflemen (NOTE: May I request being in the same squad as Cosmonaut, Pretty Please?) Event Staffing: No, thanks.
  7. Hello, I was recently banned by Scope and looking for an appeal. Relevant thread: http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/19946-game-pc/ I did not hear any of these requests to pull security, due to an extreme amount of radio chatter. Our squad lead had no clue what radio channels to be on, so he stayed 1 short/ 1 long. As you can imagine, EVERYONE else was one this same exact frequency. The heli was trying to ask where to land, people were just chatting, so on and so forth. I finally heard scope telling me to pull security. The moment he told me to do so, I got up and did it. This shows that I was not doing it out of spite, but just a simple mistake as not hearing it. Also, the rest of the mission, I completed every order given to me, and eventually got my squad out of the AO. If I was really there to purposely break the rules and not listen to orders, would I really follow every other order given to me during that mission? I think someone there to break rules would not follow EVERY other rule given to him. Now I can see where Scope is coming from, and my mistake could have possibly slowed down the game, for which I am sorry if it did. It was completely unintentional, and I apologize for it. So what I am saying is, mistakes happen, and sometime can be seen as intentionally. I fully understand this, and that I was doing something wrong (although not intentionally). I just ask to be unbanned, as me and my friend play nightly on the server, and do enjoy it very much. Thank you, Piejoe21 (Game-PC)
  8. New player here, really looking forward to getting to play with some of you guys! I am a big flight sim fan (DCS all the way!) But also play ARMA, and i'm think about getting EVE online, but that depends. Hope to play with you guys soon! Piejoe21
  9. Hey guys, I have recently been thinking of getting into EVE. I have watched many videos, and it look really cool! I just had a few questions that I was wondering if I could get some of the pros advice on: How do you really advance ship types? I have been watching vids of people from supercarriers to frigates, and was wondering how I get those? Is the game slow paced, or more of an fast paced action game? How does the in-game economy work (simplified answers are ok) Do I have to pay for anything other than playing, and is it P2W (pay to win) Are you guys active? I think the experience would be much better with other players, but is that soemthing you guys can deliver? Thanks, Piejoe21
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