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  1. I'm 100% down for some Arma
  2. If my ban is not lifted I completely understand. I'm not expecting to be unbanned, just wanted to come clean.
  3. Also on a side note, reading back on the September perm ban I am god damn disappointed in myself. Part of the reason I refuse to acknowledge the September alias is because of how cringe worthy and outright disgusting my actions on the forum were. I am ashamed to admit I acted that way four years ago.
  4. Ignore my previous posts, they are BS. I WAS September. I'm not going to lie anymore because there's no point. It's just hard for me to let go of the community I've been playing on for years and have friends on. The user that informed of my past alias knew it from day 1 and he kept that a secret until recently when he got mad at me for something. I was backstabbed just because this person threw a tantrum and did not get their way. I also think it is wrong for someone to bring problems from another community into one that has nothing to do with them. I don't expect to EVER be unbanned at this point, but I truly am sorry because I feel as if I betrayed the UO community. Just so it is understood why I did this - I appealed my ban as September multiple times and was denied a second change several times. So I said screw it, "If they won't give me another shot I'm going to come in as another alias and I'll just prove it" Nobody would have known I was the same person because I am infact different. I have made friends on UO and have always tried to abide by the rules (besides the obvious one broken). I rarely offend anyone and I have always followed orders in-game as MrPink. The few bans I have as MrPink were for accidental hot mic incidents. I do not like to acknowledge or admit to the name "September" because I associate it with an immature/negative past alias. I am telling the truth when I say I am not September, but I WAS September years ago. I don't go by that name anymore because of what is associated with it. Once again I am sorry UO. Maybe I'll see some of you around in other games.
  5. And you can't change your name to hide an alias, it shows all of them so that makes no sense.
  6. For the last time I am not September. But go ahead and ban another loyal player for something completely wrong/unrelated to the UO community. If that is your decision so be it.
  7. Toast was a member of crime life before I was, he had access to the website admin panel that all admins use. He obviously altered things while he still had access in order to get me banned. What I also don't understand is that one of the pictures shows that my name was once "September" yet the other once which is the actual original screenshot of my profile shows no "September" alias, once again CLEARLY altered. I am not September.
  8. Please tell me this is a joke... Toast and I had a dispute on another community and he runs over to UO and attempts to get me wrongfully banned because he did not get his way. I would like to see proof that I am this September account/person. I have been Mr.Pink since the very day I started playing at UO. I don't understand how someone can take a personal vendetta out on someone and get them wrongfully banned. This one blows my mind.
  9. Name: MrPink Nation you want: Japan Time you can join: Around 1800 - 1900 Zulu and onward
  10. I'll play as Japan if it's available still.
  11. J.B. giving a quick briefing Briefing cut short by possible contact Cresting the Hill into blinding sunlight Moving out....yet again BTR down He's just itching to fire
  12. Thanks to all the mission makers that make it possible to play at UO ! Also thanks to all the various admins that keep things going smoothly and help improve the community. Some people I want to thank/compliment specifically, AC 337: Thanks for helping me SL and TL in various missions. Brock: For awesome missions and help with leading Darksidesix: Thanks for mission help/scripts goon: Thanks for making some good missions as well as helping in the mission making channel Briland: Thank you for helping me in my attempt to make a mission Yugoslav: For syrian checkpoint & mission help Also thank you everyone that I play with on a daily basis for making UO a fun and respectable community to be apart of !
  13. I would like to see some of these weapons added down the road. More guns = good in my book
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