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  1. Any updates? I've been playing this mods solo. It is fantastic. Would be a great seeder/persistent campaign! Something that small groups can really have fun with.
  2. Insurgency is "ok" but could be better. I liked the old Patrol Ops where you could use and practise with almost every Type of Arma asset. It's where I learned how to fire ACE mortars and practise 9 lines
  3. I think you have a cold...cough, cough!
  4. I really like the rehearsal idea, maybe one a week before and one during the week (Tac Tuesday? Rehearsal Thursday?)
  5. Tac Tuesday was great...DR AQUAFRESH, gone but not forgotten....POW MIA
  6. I had the most fun driving tank Blue 4. Getting yelled at by Max and Pancake who were insanely immersed was definitely a highlight! Only wish my frames didnt drop to 5 at the end of the mission :-{ Would be willing to retest these missions for a re-boot, please announce testing dates! Sorry for all the time people put in for prep.
  7. Agreed. Shallow water and riverine vessels should be the next DLC. Much more useful.
  8. All the mods need to be updated, especially clothing mods. Bummer, may take some time...
  9. I would also love to see Alive on the server
  10. I agree with most people here, ZEUS Patrol Ops, Domi have assisted me greatly in gameplay and leadership training. It helps people learn the ropes and become famil with weapons platforms for use in "real" missions. Some of the best games I've been in were in Arma 2 Patrol Ops. There just needs to be something for those increasing times when the server is empty. I've done Patrol Ops/Domi with two people and had fun with great teamwork. The main thing is ... THEY REALLY DO WORK FOR SEEDING THE SERVER!!!
  11. I haven't been on much lately but can't find any seeder missions to get things rolling when nobody's on. What gives?
  12. My favorite toy as a kid was a plastic M-16 I got for Christmas (yes, we called it Christmas back then, not "winter break"). It didn't have any flourescent orange tip neither! Before that, my dad made me a gun from a jig-saw and piece of wood. Good times. I flew the Arma 3 A-10 last night in editor, it's not so bad, I just like the arma 2 HUD better thats all.
  13. I'm probably older than your dad!
  14. If I know its not an A-10 then what happens to my 'mersion?
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