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  1. since arma3 i have never seen this thingy working either, maybe a game bug? just use arma3sync launcher to connect to server. do it a couple of times and UO will appear in multiplayer of arma3 under "recent".
  2. i had a visual issue during this mission: sudden changes in lightness, from very dark to foggy light, depending on magnification (right mouse click)
  3. any admin available to help with this issue? please..
  4. guys, problem persists.. maybe some of the admins can take a look, why i can join first time and forced out at every later mission?
  5. hey guys, i am experiencing here strange problem. i updated everything using arma3sync. once starting, i can join at the current mission running (per day, so it seems). but when the mission is over i am kicked out and cannot rejoin. no error is visible on screen, so i am lost.. anybody has seen this behaviour? whats the solution?
  6. hello, my antivirus, avira, reports that acre2arma dll contains a virus, TR/Symmi.428544.2. anybody has the same issue?
  7. it meant to be a joke, a bad one to my taste. problem is if you have not noticed it - pain, unconsciousness, death.
  8. will cause first pain, then unconsciousness unless spotted. even if removed - pain wont go away. not sure how to report it, bug or whatever...
  9. hey herbiie, thanks for support. i am trying to create a takistan mission, means soviets vs local arab/taliban/mudjaheddin forces. but i cannot find out the "taliban" side, do they present in arma3? greetings, h.
  10. so i followed herbiie's tutorial (http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/24373-so-you-want-to-make-a-mission-a-tutorial/), but it includes only configuration of troops. how do i set up a base? if i go to preview and choose to be a zeus and add some wall it will dissapper on "save and exit". if i try to find a list of building blocks (walls, bunkers, etc) on editor - none to see. whats the solution, would anyone please point me to proper direction. thanks. h.
  11. medic has 2 boxes of AR ammo instead..
  12. comfirm, as a part of 1-1 i lived long enough to see a glorious end. our victor exploding in the middle of a road, buddies falling around me like flies, storming entire village under fire, all spectacular. good job, asa.
  13. the mission lacks an opposition, to my taste. i was in 2section, we defended an ambassy from n-e and n-w and most of a time nothing happened. a couple of enemy waves time to time from different directions would add to mission tension.
  14. was on police side, entered from south, entered one of 2 store red buildings and observed glitch: depending on my position parts of northern side of city appeared or dissapeared. since i got shot from that direction i suppose other side didn have this visibility issue.
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