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  1. Do you guys smoke whacky tobaccy? Some of these winners are really surprising.
  2. If you didn't vote for Ratatouille in that first round you've made me develop big sad
  3. Maybe this thread doesn't deserve to be necroed but I'm doing it.
  4. Sorry about being so late to reply to this! As one of the Key Command elements for OPFOR on this mission, I feel ever so slightly obligated to give a breakdown of what happened. PSG's Point of View: Group Red Group Red was tasked with one objective at the beginning: Attack and seize KT3 with the focus being on speed. Hopefully we could outrun the enemy there and dig in. It worked! Red reached KT3 in an effective and organized manner. (Medic trucks are slow though, so I was a bit late to getting up the hill) After some time, Akatsiya 1 had spread itself to the east. I was okay with that, considering that our western and northern flanks were covered. Igla teams paired with us did an admirable job, shot down at least 1x AH-6. Ataksiya 1 repelled Ghost 8, as I came to learn. They hunted every single one of them. After that they took out a Bradley with an RPG. Ataksiya 5 (AKA the T-90 with my group) was amazing. They took out 1x Bradley that was pretending it was a tree. Things I wish to improve: Platoon level organization, between the groups, was low. I could hear every transmission from KT3 (except for Ataksiya 1's, damn terrain), which was slightly annoying considering how autonomous the groups were. That, coupled with trying to lead Mortars on and talking to Helicopters, the platoon net was (at times) a mess. Probably could have delegated to keep a cleaner comms net, but it didn't kill us all in the end. Awareness: Somehow, the Igla team (while it did take out one AH-6), failed to intercept the other AH-6. This led to Ataksiya 1's BMP, with a whole bunch of infantry, getting schwacked. I'll say this is a personal failing, however, because I didn't spread the Igla teams out. Great mission overall! Glad I could lend a hand!
  5. Soviet Slime Filled Last minute, I'm gonna pull out. Life has taken priority.
  6. I like Jak. I don't know if Jak likes me, but that doesn't quite rightly matter to me. Jak is exactly as he described-- he's the type of person that I've grown up around and grown to admire. He doesn't bullshit. He doesn't beat around the bush, he tells you how it is. Jak is also someone who likes to argue. I have argued with Jak at least once. That doesn't mean that he's any less of a person because I disagree with him though. I don't know how to put into words my feelings here, but as one of the small number of non-adults Jak has the ability to speak down to earth in a language I can understand and tell me how I've done something. I understand that maybe not all people respond to him in a way he's used to, and maybe he gets angry, but I also get angry. I move on, however, for the sake of completing some task or objective. To those of you saying Jak is to compulsive or too hot headed-- I don't really see that as an issue. Jak only argues a point if he thinks he is vehemently right and will continue to do so until he is given a good argument in return. That's not the personality trait of a dick, that's the personality trait of someone who knows how to get shit done. If I could vote, it'd be a yes.
  7. Not only is Max a magnificent leader in game, he has shown me that he is a magnificent organizer. If I could vote, I would approve this in a heartbeat. The events Max has either helped with or fully organized have lead to some of the most serious fun I've ever had in Arma.
  8. I tried really hard to get this thread with my post, I really did. Fuck that though. Can you guys take this somewhere else? Create a new thread, spam each other, I don't care. Just try and separate issues. I'd really rather have a semi-civil discussion about what we can do better, not this. I know you have just as much right to this thread as me but... I mean some of this is just ridiculous. Regards, an average player.
  9. I don't mean to be a bit of a dick but why are we slinging shit about BTE? We understand the capabilities it had, why it didn't pass, etc. Sure, some people mentioned that quality MIGHT have been better if some different stuff happened, but we're down a different route now. Could we try to get back to the main, comprehensive topic at hand... ya know, the community's apparent lack of ability to be both fun and realistic without compromising either. Yeah, BTE could fix a few things and mess up a few other things. Yeah, not having BTE has been a good way for the community to continue growing, but slinging shit in this thread will not help anything. A few of you are regs, if you want to go for it... go for it. The general sense I get is that we still shouldn't have it. Besides that, I'd like to steer us forward. So we've mentioned a few things that have the same general jist to it. No blame, just a theme throughout everyone's posts. Lack of Cohesion- Seems that new and old players, good or bad, seem to have less commitment than before; how do we fix that? Erosion of Core Players- As I, and others have pointed out, we've lost some energy and good people due to Arma being Arma. How do we reinvigorate? Leadership- Everyone needs a turn, but some of our core leaders have lost the will to teach newcomers. Is there really any way to fix this? Classes, yup, that's a nice one. Anyone got another idea? Toxicity- From the nostalgia everyone has in this thread, we seem to all have different ideas on how exactly things were run in the past. I never have been a reg, so I can't really speak to this. Let's try and get past the old ways and all that jazz and think of new ways to do things. tl;dr: Stop shitstirring, start brainstorming on the topics discussed. (BTE Ex-fucking-cluded, preferably)
  10. I haven't been on the server in months. Sometimes I've popped in the Gulag to say hi, sometimes I talk to Xceno via steam, but my return is still to come. Every time I boot up Arma, I really have to think. I have to think about the commitment time and the dedication I'm willing to put into it. As of late, I've had neither, so I've stayed away a bit. I don't look at UO and go "Wow, I got thirty minutes." I usually think "I need to make sure my schedule is clear and I don't have anywhere to be." As someone who leads, either on a fireteam level, a squad level, a platoon level or (in the case of our few events) a company level, I notice the things that people do. Sure, I haven't played in a little bit here (think I'm on two months now?) but I've been here since the twilight of Arma 2. Back then, I was scared. The very first mission I led I completely fucking failed and everyone yelled at me. But the regulars, after I talked with them, chalked it up to inexperience. Then I was blacklisted because of this that and the other, but I still kept trying to improve myself, eventually leading to my blacklist. I love this community, I really do, but some things have gotten out of whack. I'm not going to comment on the barrier to entry or the shitposting some people in this thread have chosen to do, but I will say this: The game is slow. Znoop, Kingslayer, and several other regulars have already said it. The game isn't Titanfall, it isn't League of Legends, it's an investment of time on your part to experience some of the biggest thrills of your life. Nothing can replace how realistic it can feel at times. With that being said, I've noticed this trend: Admins expect low briefing times, players expect excitement at all times, COs are required to give both. I'm not going to say this is anyone's fault, this is just simply how the situation has evolved. But let me show you the thought process I would usually go through whilst thinking of a concrete plan. Read->Look at map->I need time to think->Place Markers->Discuss markers with SLs->Either find better alternatives or stick with plan->Launch game The above isn't always how it goes, but it's a good pipeline. When I'm only given fifteen minutes to do this for a 60 player mission, however, you can go ahead and fuck off. The planning needs to be there. I'm not one who likes losing, I'm really not. I would like to complete my given goal as efficiently as possible. 15 minutes is not an acceptable amount of time for me to do this. This is another reason why I've been staying away. If I'm not leading, I really don't trust some of the people that do. And given that getting in a mission can take a hot minute, I don't think it's worth my time to go sit around for 15 minutes only to get blasted in 2. This community is my heart and soul, really, but at the moment I don't feel like everyone is committed as me (this includes those who have been voted into office). I try really hard when I'm here. And sure, not every one of my plans has been flawless, and I've not always been on my best behavior, but I've sure as shit never done anything brainless in my command roles. The problem isn't the missions, the SOPs, the non-barrier to entry, or even the officers-- it's attitude, plain and simple. I've ranted enough, these are just my thoughts. If ya have any questions, respond, if not I'm gonna just observe the thread until something else is said.
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