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  1. I would like to clarify that the grenade was completely accidental, and no one was injured or killed. I can not speak to his state of mind, but he did message me after the ban and was confused about the ban and seemed normal to me.
  2. Alright guys, need some help, Helping a friend lower his Audi, I have done this many many many times before, and know all the steps. the problem is that the strut is stuck in the lower collar that connects the strut to the wheel assembly. I opened the clamp so it doesn't have a grasp on the strut, so it must be some rust or something. After half a can of anti rust and lubricant spray, and 3 hours of bashing it with a hammer, we the wheel assembly to move 3mm down the strut... I have never had a strut get stuck so badly, I am curious if anyone has experience with this, or any ideas that may pop the damn thing loose.
  3. I had this issue previously, and i had to downgrade PWS to fix it.
  4. I now have six tattoos. I see nothing wrong with them. None are visible while i'm in uniform, and only 1 is fully visible in civies.
  5. Tripshot, As Macaco stated "There is a whole lot of misinformation in this thread and people talking out their ass about things they know nothing about and have no experience with" Your first step should be to speak to s recruiter, as well as do some research on your own. Myself and Fluffer are both Active Duty Air Force, If you have any questions feel free to ask me anytime, and I am assuming Fluffer wouldn't mind either. If your questions are just for information, or you feel you are being misinformed by a recruiter, because unfortunately that does happen. I am not a pilot myself, but am good friends with a handful, some of which went OTS, some ROTC, and some took the Air Force Academy route. I can easily put you in touch with them if you have questions. -Devil
  6. It would seem that way, but I couldn't take it due to me moving in the next two months, so I had to find a replacement.
  7. Nothing that crazy yet.... I guess you could say i have become a victim of my own success. Started a small coding project to help my guys, which turned into the creation of an entire data management program. That program was shown off to the "Dog and Pony show" and got a lot more attention than I anticipated. I was asked to create something similar to be used by my unit as a whole. After i finished that up, I was asked to create something else to be used by the entire MAJCOM.... Oh, and they tried to throw in a deployment on me. Needless to say, I have been busy
  8. Hello everyone! Due to a No-Notice tasker that was pushed upon me, i have been away from UO and Arma for quite some time now. I was finally able to get things sorted and am at a point where i can get some UO time in. (When the boss lady doesn't have other tasks for me of course.) I am glad to be able to get back into things, and glad to see some familiar names in Team Speak, as well as a bit of new ones. Here's to hoping for a seamless transition back into UO, without any Six issues like in the past! Glad to be back! -Devil
  9. As many have said, the Razer Deathadder 2013 is awesome, as well as the software it comes with.
  10. So the extent of what you can do with JS is to either just copy the information to the clipboard and allow the user to paste it (or build a clipboard listener or button in Excel to do that automatically) So your saying to have the JS copy to clipboard, then a button in Excel that has a VB script to paste from clipboard?
  11. I figured that was going to be an issue. I think they got tired of me building things in Java and locked it out from everyone except admins, so I am stuck to the embedded JS inside Firefox. I can live with just the copy script and make the users paste themselves, Ill take a look at that site. This project has become tough to do when I am locked out of all the needed tools
  12. The major issue I have, is that I cannot add new programs to the systems as they are classified government systems, so I have to work only with the Java built into Firefox, and Excel. So it would probably have to be a pure java script solution. Is there no simple JS code that will at least just automatically copy the information?
  13. Here's a little back story, I built a Microsoft Access database for my guys in my intel shop, which has a ton of VB Scripting and macros and the whole nine. it ended up being distributed to a lot of the AF intel shops, and got the attention of some big wigs in leadership. Since then, I have been asked to create the same thing, but web based to be distributed out AF wide to be used by everyone for another purpose. I have gotten to a point where I am stuck, and here is what I need help on: I have a webpage, which a lot of information gets posted to. I have a Java Script that will search the page, grab the information required, and open a dialog box with the information. From there I have to manually copy it and paste it into Microsoft Excel. I would like it to automatically copy the information and export or paste it into the Excel sheet, but I have no idea what the coding to do it is.
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