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  1. Meh. Instead of taking advantage of the player count and playing less frequently played or newer missions, a majority of the event's missions were ones that had been played many times before. Steel Beasts and Soy Sauce and Vodka were the only ones never played, and SSV turned out to be a complete waste of time. Steel Beasts was enjoyable. Russian engineers were able to repair and supply crews to at least two damaged T-90s. These tanks were crucial in destroying NATO units and overrunning their positions. The engineers also succeeded in intercepting a number of enemy infiltrators and prevented them from ambushing crews of friendly destroyed or disabled tanks and IFVs.
  2. http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/2A25B7B22168BE450FF870F23F9060A6 The outcome of a mission sometimes depends on the choices of the players in briefing phase and in-game. The mission has been updated. I am just waiting for the corresponding area to be finished/worked on more in Rosche to push it.
  3. http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/A75CE036E1738C891278B6F6D58DE2A8 According to the aar tool the mission lasted for 19:18 and the last blufor dying at 17:44. A difference of 1:32.
  4. v5, opfor victory condition didn't fire.
  5. Stop with the "a day for more serious gameplay" talk. This was an issue back in the Arma 2 days. You lower the gameplay expectations for the other days with this rhetoric and quality suffers. Every mission should be played with an expectation that community members will play seriously and to the best of their ability regardless of what day or who is on the server. I am all for a midweek day and time that we agree to play Arma 3. Tuesday, Wednesday 2100z-2300z would be an ideal start time to accommodate west and east coasters, and the Europeans. The important thing would be getting a sizable group to populate the server during these times to motivate other members to hop on.
  6. I will be on the server tomorrow a little later than in the past Tuesdays. ~2300z.
  7. A better turnout this Tuesday. We were able to double our numbers. Hopefully next week will be even better!
  8. Tomorrow at 2100z. Looking forward to a higher turnout than last week.
  9. TVT79 Road to Vybor v1
  10. A low turnout today. Hopefully numbers will improve next week.
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