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  1. Thank you for everyone who showed up! We played from 19 to approximately 2100Z See you guys next week again?
  2. I guess it's too late to expedite this. I will try however, to arrive a bit earlier so we can get something up.
  3. Starting from 20AUG2019 1900Z and every Tuesday afterwards. Interested? If so, please post in this thread so we can know what numbers we are expecting.
  4. That would be awesome. What is technically holding us from hosting a TacTues right now?
  5. Thank you for your kind welcome messages. I will be online later tonight
  6. Hello everyone! I was quite happy to see you guys are still around. I dropped out back then when UO switched to ArmA 3 and just had to chance to get back in. In what times/days are we currently playing? Is TacTue still a thing? Would love to join in a round with you guys after so many years.
  7. Good to know I am not alone with this issue! Well, it didn't really happen when I tried to update ACRE itself, but the whole modset. I tried to do what you have suggested but now I get another error. So long story short, my modset has 3 mods installed, 3 uninstalled and when I tried to update them individually as PWS keeps checking eternally, I get a crash. Here's a screenshot showing what i've just said http://i.imgur.com/AwJj6sj.jpg Following, the error that I am now getting:
  8. I also am facing problems with PWS, although slightly different as well it presents basically the same error message. It's weird because I am actually following the installation guide step by step and when it comes to download the modset from SRV1 it gives me the following error message
  9. Yesterday we had about 6 people which was pretty neat. Unfortunately i couldn't get to play with you guys because i had an appointment and i kind of had to rush for it. Does anyone know how to set up triggers and such? I have a good idea for a mission but I have no experience on this, so I will need some assistance. Also, since the last update my mig21 got fubar and I am not being able to click in any switches around the cockpit, does anyone have the same problem? Is there a fix?
  10. Just passing through to say that I will come on today at 2000z in case someone else decides to join
  11. Apologies on my part as well. As I've mentioned before it was pretty tough for me to get around here earlier tonight but I am looking forward for Monday.
  12. Awesome! Although i am not sure if I am gonna be able to show up today at 2000z I might upload some of the missions I've been working on and give it for you guys to test it out tonight then, let me just polish them a bit more and i will get it for you by the afternoon.
  13. Sorry I was away for a couple days. Alright Ghost, how about Mondays and Fridays starting at 2000z from December 1st? Let's get this started!
  14. I just re-read that last message and I apologize for the grammar mistakes, bloody autocorrectors
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