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  1. CO19 Kiwi Defence V1
  2. Thanks Toadball, this obviously saves lots of effort, and will definitely help me.
  3. Can confirm all of the above. He was disruptive and harassed players multiple times over global before Josh joined the server aswell.
  4. People on the forums always post interesting videos that I watch in my spare time; thankyou for posting this Fred.
  5. I was uncertain about this game as I looked at it on steam, but I'm pretty decided that I'll enjoy it, so perhaps it's worth the money.
  6. I played a TVT with you last night; we did really well and it was a lot of fun, looking forward to playing more with you on the primary.
  7. CO32 Den Kolde Grænse V1.1
  8. CO31 Den Kalla Gränsen V1
  9. CO19 Vildkat V1.1
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