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  1. Spectator also appears to be broken; Not going into camera mode but staying on the black screen saying "entering spectator mode". Edit:works just have to wait a min or two
  2. Thank you all for the input and the bug reports. I have completely redone the gear script and spectator. AO has also been fixed. I look forward to playing V2 with you all very soon!
  3. I have heard a lot of people in a lot of different places express their concern with a lack of content in Arma 3. I know we have many extremely talented modelers/designers who work very hard voluntarily to contribute content. I really appreciate the content people have already contributed. That being said this is a thread for people to discuss what they would like added. These are requests. No one is telling you what to focus your time on. We are only giving ideas. The following units/weapons have come up in various discussion. -Taliban/ISIS style Middle Eastern Insurgents -Classic Woodland BDU/M81 camo -1980's troops -1990's troops -Non-specific units/weapons ie: weapons that were used over multiple decades. -Vietnam era US units/weapons -Huey UH-1H I was told this thread would be "Troll Bait" and I am hoping no one lose their cool over some people contributing ideas. Feel free to post what content you would like to see added. If you dont want to make something mentioned in this thread...guess what? You dont have to. These are humble requests, not demands.
  4. Objects are not placed via script with my method. The script simply saves the data(Objects you place in zeus) to your clipboard like MCC would do and from there you Ctrl+V them into the mission file. No script spawning objects. Heres the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3s0vcdt7y9f35ba/AUSMD_Zeus_Mission_Builder.zip?dl=0 Credit: Austin Medic
  5. You dont have to use MCC, there are a number of simple scripts out there that work much better. Since its a script all you have to do is remove it from the mission folder once your done and you are good to go!
  6. Sign-Up: Brock Samson Date and Time available: 1900Z Mar 12 I have attended FTP1 as a participant and I reviewed and understand the prerequisites.
  7. CO20 Operation 4 HorseMen Part2 V2
  8. C025 TunnelRats V2
  9. CO30 OP4HorsemenPart1 V1
  10. CO48 RiverRats V4
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