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  1. Excism / Excism Glad to get the chance to see if my addons are working before making an ass of myself in the primary!
  2. I won't actually make this one. Doctors appointment that I entirely forgot about. Sorry guys.
  3. Sign Up: Excism I have reviewed and understand the prerequisites Date: March 18, 2014 - 1900Z
  4. Personally I love Logitech - I will be behind Logitech until the day I die. If they made an artificial heart I would be first in line. Maybe I'm biased. I've never used a wireless headset but if you're looking for good quality and durability I've got a Logitech G35 headset that I am quite happy with. It looks very bulky but is quite comfortable and doesn't have too many moving parts to break off. Good surround sound and works very nicely with ARMA. My recommendation.
  5. Just Cause 2 and Endless Space cost me just under $15. Pretty happy about those.
  6. White 2012 Ford Focus - got it used, it's a pretty basic model but the guy who bought it ordered it with chrome side mirrors and door handles! Standard transmission because they're just more fun.
  7. Would vote yes if I could! I've only played a few times under Albatross but every experience I've had was great. He brings a great level of realism to his leadership positions and even took the time to teach mortar gunnery to a number of beginners (myself included) during a mission on the primary while also calculating fire missions. This appointment would be only good. My $0.02
  8. I don't know if I'd buy it. When I buy a post apocalyptic game I wanna see guys throwing rocks and duct taping together guns like it is literally the highest piece of tech they have. I want Mad Max style welding huge hunks of metal to a bus and calling it a tank. I wanna see humanity overcoming staggering adversity and trying to rebuild their former lives! I don't want to see seeker mines and unmanned aerial drones pounding the shit outta some bandit holed up in a police station. Call me old fashioned.
  9. Best thing with the internet so far? So young... Anywho, Netflix makes suggestions on what you like based on your taste profile. As you watch things it will ask you if you liked it and if you watch things in that genre sometimes, often, or never. If you like the look of something but can't watch it right then you can put it into instant queue and recall it anytime later on. Not really much too it - you can watch on any device or computer or tv that gets internet provided you know the password. Selection will change depending on where you are watching it regardless of where your account is registered (ie. you're Canadian and you travel to the States, you can access American Netflix)
  10. Also if you jump in Teamspeak and sit in the Help Channel someone will usually come down and see what you need. Welcome to UO
  11. In-game Name: Excism Do you want to lead?: No Q.C.C: Would prefer to be infantry over vehicle crew.
  12. That top video, without any context, is a man who really enjoys yogurt parfaits and frozen fruit. He thinks about how much he loves yogurt, contemplates his decisions to get yogurt, and then reels in shock because he has no money for yogurt. Story of my life.
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