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  1. I do , but I am currently waiting for the wipe to happen
  2. Yes a good chunk of us play!
  4. We will be playing with Kanium, Steel Beats on their servers. WHEN: [2019-02-24] 1900Z WHERE: Kanium Steel Beast Server / Kanium Teamspeak Server ( Server Information will be given on Event Day) EVENT DAY TIMELINE : 1800Z - 1820Z | Group up on United Operations Teamspeak Server 1821Z - 1830Z | Moving to Kanium Teamspeak 1830Z - 1855Z | Setting up Teamspeak whisper lists and connecting to Steel Beast Server 1900Z | Event Start To sign up, RSVP on the Calendar & comment on the post below with this format: [Forum Name/Interested Role(See Role List)]
  5. Event Post
  6. Please fill this form so we can find the days with the most attendance. Feel Free to place the dates you are free on as well using the "other" answer.
  7. Hello, I'd like to gauge the community's interest on a steel beast session in March. If you do not own a Steel Beast copy you can buy a limited time (1 Month) license for 9.50 USD. If you are interested, please post on this topic and if your available at 1900Z on a Sunday.
  8. There is about 10 people who play it, hop on and find me and we'll play some duos