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  1. I was the RTO and running around with 1'2 to report thier position and stuff, rambo told me he can hear 1'6 but he couldn't respond for some reason. PL's should make sure in the slotting screen that thier squadleads are not completely out of space like this.
  2. we where in a 2men RPG team and we managed to sneak around the enemy BMPs, we shot the first one from behind pretty muich 30m away i got in and gun was still active, then i took the shot on the second one with the disabeld BMP. Didnt think about the rules sorry.... shit happens. Tasking was: flank and destroy the attacking enemy armor and we did Liebe Grüße aus dem sonnigen Rheinland ihr spacken, Sherminator!
  3. In-game Name: Sherminator Do you want to lead?: no Q.C.C.: None
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