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  1. I won't be able to make this, too many early mornings in a row for us Australians.
  2. Sign-Up: Mara Dates available: 01/26 2000z (This is entirely encase I miss the Friday FTP1 due to IRL stuff and it being 5am/Australia Day public holiday) I have reviewed and understand the prerequisites. Refer to: http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/21805-uotc-fireteam-practical-one-session-2014-01-24-1900z/?p=267061
  3. Sign-Up: Mara Dates available: 24 January, 1900z (I will need to be up at 5am on Saturday which is Australia Day public holiday if I want to be involved and 5am again the very next day for the i44 event so I might not make it. Just in case, I have signed up for the Sunday session also.) I have reviewed and understand the prerequisites.
  4. Finally made the leap from watching scrub ACE videos to the real deal.. 5 days in and I'm absolutely loving it! Playing from 'Straya makes it a little difficult to get on for scheduled times and picking the damn slot I want but other than that, it's fantastic to see as many other Aussies as I have. So I'm just saying hi I guess.. Special thanks to Shini for helping me get set up during my first phases of joining UO.
  5. Name: Mara Class Requested: RTO, Medic, Fireteam Op, Fireteam Leaders, Squad Leaders Days Requested (optional): Any Times Requested (optional): 0700Z-1400Z Special Remarks: Straya!
  6. Name: Mara Are you a Regular? No Do you want to be a Mission Leader? No Do you want to be a Squad/Leader? No Have you downloaded the mod pack? Yes
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