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  1. Yes from me. Although, by his own admission he can have a somewhat abrasive attitude, he is far from the only person (including regulars) to have such a trait. I believe that the positives outweigh any negatives in this case. Sacher has been active in the mission making community for a long time, not only making missions, but assisting others in doing so, particularly in the scripting aspect. More recently he has been involved in the creation of a framework module system, which will make "UO quality" mission making more accessible than ever for new or inexperienced mission makers. Sacher has been making a tangible contribution to this community for a while now, and this poll is probably long overdue.
  2. Its a continuous cycle of stealing taking inspiration from other missions, so go ahead, new missions are always appreciated, if you get stuck i might be able to help you out
  3. COTVT50 Fromage Fury V1
  4. TVT54 The Future is now V1
  5. TVT30 Saigon Scuffle V2
  6. From what I've seen and read, this seems like a good addition to the mod-pack. It would certainly add alternative tactics in urban environments. Yes
  7. Pros: Plays Game Makes missions Is a good boy Cons: Welsh ehhhh....fine.
  8. CO40 OP Falling Sword V2
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