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  1. Sorry, I should have elaborated that I was pointing to avoidable incidents. That there are casualties no matter what is a fact. Also failures are made, nothing to change there. It is avoidable to be a retard that sends his squads 400m across open fields into enemy MG emplacements, when there are half a dozen better approaches. That type of avoidable incidents. You can level that down to individual level es well. Use fucking character stances. You got no idea how many people I see presenting themselves on left corners. @Pizza, will you make an issue for all that ACE stuff and the improvements named by you?
  2. Yep, pain and blood pressure are the triggers. Tough, blood pressure being a value generated out of blood volume, heart rate and drug interference. Becoming 'tired' ain't really the problem here. Bullets are made to stop humans from operating. AFAIK there are 2 main targets for fight with firearm ammunition 1. Cause so much blood loss that the system collapses and the opponent is stopped 2. Cause so much pain and damage that the opponent goes into shock and looses control of his body. Second is hard to achieve when you body is pumped with go-pills and/or firefight adrenaline. ~ 20% (~1200 ml blood) already cause changes in behaviour of humans. Usually comprehention and actions are delayed, also sometimes the body decides to withdraw blood from specific parts of the body (head, hands, feet etc.). Usually only saline and time is needed for the body to restock to default values. ~30% and higher is the area where the blood loss is so high that our body has complications of restocking the blood volume as it struggles to umkeep basic organic funtions. Loss of conciousness from 27% to 41% blood loss is not unusual, depending on the physical condition of the casualty. ~40% and everything beyond is guaruanteed loss of life if aggressive resusitation is not applied. Instant death is handeled by the damage values by the wounds caused combined with the blood volume of the player. If a combination of wounds deals so or so much damage (to a specific body part) the character is beyond any saving as he is dead immediately even if lots of blood remain in his circulatory system (for example 1-4 rounds straight to the face). #include "script_component.hpp" #define INCREASE_CHANCE_HEAD 0.05 #define INCREASE_CHANCE_TORSO 0.03 #define INCREASE_CHANGE_LIMB 0.01 #define CHANGE_FATAL_HEAD 0.7 #define CHANGE_FATAL_TORSO 0.6 #define CHANGE_FATAL_LIMB 0.1 params ["_unit", "_part", ["_withDamage", 0]]; if (!alive _unit) exitWith {true}; if ((vehicle _unit != _unit) && {!alive (vehicle _unit)}) exitWith { true }; if (_part < 0 || _part > 5) exitWith {false}; // Find the correct Damage threshold for unit. private _damageThreshold = [1,1,1]; if ([_unit] call EFUNC(common,IsPlayer)) then { _damageThreshold =_unit getVariable[QGVAR(unitDamageThreshold), [GVAR(playerDamageThreshold), GVAR(playerDamageThreshold), GVAR(playerDamageThreshold) * 1.7]]; } else { _damageThreshold =_unit getVariable[QGVAR(unitDamageThreshold), [GVAR(AIDamageThreshold), GVAR(AIDamageThreshold), GVAR(AIDamageThreshold) * 1.7]]; }; _damageThreshold params ["_thresholdHead", "_thresholdTorso", "_thresholdLimbs"]; private _damageBodyPart = ((_unit getVariable [QGVAR(bodyPartStatus),[0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0]]) select _part) + _withDamage; // Check if damage to body part is higher as damage head if (_part == 0) exitWith { private _chanceFatal = CHANGE_FATAL_HEAD + ((INCREASE_CHANCE_HEAD * (_damageBodyPart - _thresholdHead)) * 10); (_damageBodyPart >= _thresholdHead && {(_chanceFatal >= random(1))}); }; // Check if damage to body part is higher as damage torso if (_part == 1) exitWith { private _chanceFatal = CHANGE_FATAL_TORSO + ((INCREASE_CHANCE_TORSO * (_damageBodyPart - _thresholdTorso)) * 10); (_damageBodyPart >= _thresholdTorso && {(_chanceFatal >= random(1))}); }; // Check if damage to body part is higher as damage limbs // We use a slightly lower decrease for limbs, as we want any injuries done to those to be less likely to be fatal compared to head shots or torso. private _chanceFatal = CHANGE_FATAL_LIMB + ((INCREASE_CHANGE_LIMB * (_damageBodyPart - _thresholdLimbs)) * 10); (_damageBodyPart >= _thresholdLimbs && {(_chanceFatal >= random(1))}); I completely agree on the part with wounds and their shock effect. Impact is currently really badly simulated. If you take a shot to the knee it is unlikely that you will continue to carry 30Kgs+ of shit or are even able to properly walk on you own. A single wound (even none-threatening) in reallife depending on the psychological condition of the casualty can lead to immediate shock. But I guess that is rather hard to simulate in code. Shock in it self is hard to define. There were people that had arms removed by explosions who did not fell into shock; there have been people falling into shock after loosing a finger. Its difficult. Also concerning the hit points, currentley the following are defined and in use: #define HEAD_SELECTIONS ["face_hub", "neck", "head"] #define HEAD_HITPOINTS ["hitface", "hitneck", "hithead"] #define TORSO_SELECTIONS ["pelvis", "spine1", "spine2", "spine3", "body"] #define TORSO_HITPOINTS ["hitpelvis", "hitabdomen", "hitdiaphragm", "hitchest", "hitbody"] #define L_ARM_SELECTIONS ["hand_l"] #define L_ARM_HITPOINTS ["hitleftarm", "hand_l"] #define R_ARM_SELECTIONS ["hand_r"] #define R_ARM_HITPOINTS ["hitrightarm", "hand_r"] #define L_LEG_SELECTIONS ["leg_l"] #define L_LEG_HITPOINTS ["hitleftleg", "leg_l"] #define R_LEG_SELECTIONS ["leg_r"] #define R_LEG_HITPOINTS ["hitrightleg", "leg_r"] KR Pax
  3. That would be basically the revive system. Just that this would be a forced option at all times(at least with current ace, maybe that will change past v4?!). Also, recieving fatal injuries is not a fault of ACE3 but usually the players. Get insta killed? Probably(!!1) should have avoided the situation in which you were able to be insta killed in the first place. Exceptions proof the rule. Also watch this and this (recorded 2014, issues still present more then ever) and ask yourself why so many players die once again. Also medics already have a use, if people would simulate and play properly.
  4. Open an issue at ACE3 github with all the evidence you can collect. Properly presented of course. I am very sure that there are enough contributors at ACE3 to take note of that issue and actually work on it. Even if you are expecting no outcome, still open an issue. Nothing can be changed if not properly documented.
  5. Hi Pizza, as 3.8.0 (I think) intoduced new armour values especially for small calibers you might want to join the ACE3 Slack chatroom. Many competent people there who will be able to explain to you how specific damage & armour models work once applied to the ingame character/AI & will likely be willing to help you form a foundation for a successful mod. Another thing to include in your observations is the type of bullet you use and the engagement range. AFAIK M855/M855A1/Mk262 and MK318 all have different beheaviour. I am not exactly sure how accurate RHS tries to fit thoose rounds specifications, but if they are close to reality the impact onto gameplay would be quite significant depending on which round is used, especially in MID (200-600m) range engagements. One would need to test that in the ArmA3 editor.
  6. Change of plan: New Lead Instructor: PaxJaromeMalues Eval Instructor: Graham1988 We have permission by kail. KR Pax
  7. No participants showed up. Lead Instructor absent w/o notification. Topic can be closed.
  8. First mission COY CO Senior Medic (BluFor): Used as CSAR element with wade and even got to go do some thing in the end. Second mission COY CO Senior Medic (OpFor): Been told that I am not part of the plan. (Which is understandable in a vehicle battle) Thrid mission COY CO Senior Medic (BluFor): Been told to stick to the rear of a platoon. As far as I could observe in mission 1 and 3 the overall use of fire & movement was mediocre at best. Thanks for the effort to plan this event.
  9. Finished (sorry for the delay, forgot) Attendet: - Graham1988 (assistant) - PiZZADOX Tags given to: - PiZZADOX No Shows: - Blitz - Kiloton - supremeplatypus Kind regards Pax
  10. Thanks to all who attended. Session was way way longer than I expected. I made some bad mistakes with the planning. I will transfer the material to the wiki over the next 1-2 weeks. KR Pax and again my apologies for the extend of the session.
  11. Please take note of the following information: This is NOT a UOTC official course! This course does not qualify for any tags! Be in the custom training channel 15 minutes prior to the session! If we end up being short on ingame slots, personell with a medical role in OP Vanguard are prioritised! Anyone is welcome to join this session! The only ingame limit is the available slots in the SRV2 Famil Course mission (using this as it has a working ZEUS integration) If there are more participants than slots you still will be able to follow the session by listening. Planned are 3 parts. Part 1: (interesting for all roles of OP Vanguard) 10 Min ACE3 basics (theory) Reactions to Casualty (theory) Basic First Aid Procedures (theory) Part 2: (interesting for all roles of OP Vanguard) 20 Min A player controlled simulation of reactions to casualty (pratical) Participants will be grouped into groups of 4 individuals I will assign/ask a player of each group to be the initial leader Groups will selftrain until they are satisfied with their RTC performance I will teleport to groups having questions or answer via 148 After this we will do a 5 minute BIO Part 3: (interesting for medical roles [Medic, Paramedic, CLS/CFR] & PSGs / 1SGs) 15-20 Min Advanced Casualty Care (ACE3 Med [advanced information]) (theory) Casualty Evacuation Procedures (theory) MEDEVAC Procedures (theory) After the session I will stay available for question ~30min Session material link is handed out 5 min prior to session start to all participants. Kind regards Pax
  12. All guides I tried turned out to be bullshit. Only thing that worked for me was disabling picture in picture. Gave me about 8 additional FPS on a very load heavy MP mission beginning last year. I am now also experiencing the issue in which available ressources on the host machine are not used by ArmA3. IDK the reason for this though. Might be something about the RV4 Engine they use and how it interacts with windows.
  13. Welcome to UnitedOperations Blitz. Training is, as wade said, not required. I am still gonna link you to the current schedule of UOTC and some additional metrial hosted in the wiki. Sofar we have nothing like 'weekly' OPs. UO hosts events from time to time. Majority of UOs activity arises from the daily participation on SRV1 or 'the primary'. As mentioned Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the participation heaviest days. Marerial Links: Server list: ClickMe (scroll down a bit on that page to see the info) UOTC Course Schedule APRIL: ClickMe UOTC Field Handbook: ClickMe (A collection of all things you might end up encountering or being in need of knowing when playing on the primary) If you are not familiar with ACE3s advanced medical system, here is a short introduction of how to handle it and how to react to casualties. Again welcome to UO See you on the primary Pax
  14. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co24-raiders-in-the-night-v3-r562? No slotable slots in the slotting screen
  15. crashes back to mission list up on continue to briefing
  16. Broken No slotable slots in slotting screen
  17. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co09-pth3-close-shave-v6-r759? Run away spawns as seagull BTR has locked turret but can shoot in 360° around his actual POV
  18. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co10-alamo-v5-r733? No slotable slots in the slotting screen
  19. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/tvt12-ghost-town-v1-r845? No slotable slots in the slotting screen.
  20. Filled If wished for I can provide a small 15-30minute refresher on one or both saturdays leading up to the event for slotted medical personnel (CLS, Plt medics, COY, etc.) PM if this would be helpful for your event.
  21. We miss: 343s for SL and both TLs or some other means of distant communication or signalling (chemlights, a strobe, anything really)
  22. So far Medical_Rewrite is done to about 38% (which says nothing, as the percentage raises and falls with each ticket assigned and all tickets being of different complexity). I spotted options for basic_medication and advanced_medication. Unsure if these will be removed with the new functions suggested by the team or if a basic/advanced approach to medication will be kept. If you can read code (or partly can) and are interested in the Medical Rewrite register on github and sign up for the Medical_Rewrite notifications. Guess thats currently the best way to keep up with all the preps. KR Pax
  23. Hi m8, could you clean up your inbox? I'd like to PM you :)

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