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  1. Sorry for the Inconvenience if someone already printed these, but due to some feedback I decided to change the layout of the: CFFS RTO Artillery CFFS RTO CAS But until next year these should be the last significant changes to the documents. KR Pax
  2. All sheets reworked and transfered to UO Wiki LINK
  3. Oh that is interesting because... Welcome to DramaLamaTopia! Jokes aside. Welcome to UO!
  4. Now I am envious... Not with the direct task of milsim-like gameplay. If this was a pun: sorry that it went past me....
  5. Crap, I'd love to be there, but I gotta go to a damn boring birthday -.- Is this going to be the aim for future sessions too? plox giv yes Pax
  6. Finished Tags assigned to toasterslayer all other signups were no-shows. Thanks for participating!
  7. My orders on trigger (which I did not recieve) where to set up my MGs at the SBF and choose targets, which we did. We found positions, assigned targets and stood by. I never recieved an order to start shooting at the enemy once I hit the SBF and finished laying guns to targets. As I did not recieve any fire order I assumed I was to engage once I observed enemy fire onto friendlies, as to not alert them over our approach. Friendlies indeed entered the town w/o any fire by the enemy. People started to die litterally 5-10 seconds after I executed the order to leave my SBF position and move east from there. The second we heared enemy fire I ordered my team to abort and to immediately engage the enemy emplacements we had designated before moving. Sadly my team got shot to pieces before we could do any effective supressive fire. Remainders of my team, as stated above, had to flee the scene. Sadly they ran straight into more fire. Even though the mission ended pretty quickly for me, I could take quite something away from this incident. @Jak concerning the circumstances I think you did good, comms from Alpha, Bravo and Charlie were pretty much non-existing from the point forwards on which I setup my SBF. Haven't heard a single informative transmission after that. I hope that was just my ACRE.
  8. 22 Platoon 'Delta' Weapons Leader A plan was established. Plan got altered at the ORP. CO suffered constant disconnects from this point on forwards. 2 SLs failed to visit the Leaders Recce. My Squad was told specific tasks by the 2IC while the CO was absent. Delta Executed said orders. And relyed that the rest of the Platoon would too. Approach to town was with 0 enemy fire. Trigger for my Squad to move into position was NOT issued. Assuming units still on approach we sadly arrived at the SBF a bit late. We did set up targets as adviced before. Contact reports about emplacements with infantry and mortars were issued inbefore engagement. 2IC tried his best to keep the COs plan up, but majority of the Squads were not where they were supposed to be and did not communicate essential informations over the NET. In absence of CO, the 2IC ordered me to shift my SBF to '...immediate north of purple sector...' for better arcs of fire. Assuming 2IC was aware that my teams already had targets and simply was standing by for the order to initiate supressive fire as I had reported previously over the NET, I ordered my team to move to said position. The second we moved the platoon was lit up by the enemy emplacements. Half of my team died or got injured within 60 seconds. Movement was barely possible. Then I died. On respawn I met a full load of round about 18-20 KIAs lining up for transport to the AO (all of which died in the first 1-3 minutes of the engagement). While the rest of my team had to split up, afaik 2 people moved to the nearest cover in town, 2 others 200m north of sector purple. The entire treeline north of purple sector was a death trap, which I was ordered to move to, even tough informing twice in direct and once over NET that Delta Squad would be incapable of achieving anything from this positions as arc of fire towards the now engaging S-E-E emplacements was not possiible as we could not see them from said position. Trying to regroup my Squad in said treeline and explaining why the remainder of my team and the 2IC had to get the fuck out of there, another of my squad got shot. On out way down in the town I died under enemy fire still pointing at the tree line. I ended and spec pen and disconnected. KR Pax
  9. Commenting on the UOTC stuff some people posted. Some of it is already on its way, for others we simply do not have the ressources (time, menpower, motivation, knowledge; in that order). On this thread: Wrong area for posting. The only people able to redefine the gameplay by SOP (which is the only effective approach, as I am sure that you know this communities general attitude) are the regulars. Go post it there. No news, I posted on this shit like 3 years ago and I bet a shit ton of others did too, nothing has changed since then. Matters of dispute are still the same. Out.
  10. Maybe some additional manned/unmanned road blocks leading to some enemy high value targets would be cool. Maybe randomized so each time the mission loads the location changes? Or something like randomized patrols. That would force players to constantly keep their heads on the swivle when around (2 clicks?) of enemy objectives.
  11. ^That. Every time I played the mission and we needed air, we had to remove the manpads basically 2nd after finishing some road clearing.
  12. Lots of updates happend. This is what the UI now looks like: https://imgur.com/a/MNpTA Servers are mostly empty. Some weekends they are pretty full (seems to be some organized events once in a while)
  13. The kind of mission that has been overdue for a long time. I would love to see this mission played with 35-40 players at some point with command actually being in need to cope with logistics and priorities. Thank you very much for providing this!
  14. A sense of what? Whenever I ask Leo Wörterbuch it tells me a german translation doesn't exist, maybe I should ask urban dictionary.
  15. One participant. Tags assigned to TheHutch Server shutdown Topic can be closed.
  16. Couldn't first mission because ISP decided to cut my line on a saturday (wat?). 2nd mission: 1. Many people spawning 2. Many people running across an open field 3. Many players dying due to inefficient (basically not existent) use of combat maneuvers and inefficient unguided massive fires 4. I think it took the platoon minimum of 10 minutes to react and have a squad 'flank' attack the enemy positions (I'd bet that it was random movement instead of an actual plan, they just ended up there) 5. Running up a hill 6. People yelling at a driver 6b. People yelling at each other 7. UO being incapable of counting from Alpha to Charlie ending up with Bravo in front of Alpha infront of Charlie 8. Having something like a platoon line at a treeline to OBJ2 9. Many people running across an open field 10. Many players dying due to inefficient (basically not existent) use of combat maneuvers and this time nearly no fires at all Now ask your bamboo brain to find the pattern. Thanks for the time to organize this, I am sure it took some effort. Chose of leadership seemed to be poor though, could have been a better experience.
  17. ACE3 can be set that the sugical kit can disappear once used. Also its use can be limited to the vicinity of an object made an 'ace facility'.
  18. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co04-abdera-nights-v2-r48? Please improve brief: mission ended after 30minutes (we were told to eliminate HVT and were moving into position to take an accurate 1 shot kill with atrax, kestrel and rangefinder then the mission just ended) Also the timelimit wasn't mentioned in the briefing.
  19. No, this is the place for signups, as you did. Make sure to the the time right, all times at UO are Zulu timezone
  20. one or two 4 slot missions would be nice. maybe something like sabotage?
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