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  1. Please exchange plasma and blood for additional saline on the COmbat Medic, thank you
  2. I guess so, also it is not the entire wiki it is the category that is displaying all official UOTC articles some of which cover parts of your guide content.
  3. What a disgrace to efficiency. I demand Trump punishment. 3 years of orange juice boarding.
  4. Hi Nomad, developing and running consistent courses has way more to it than visible to the out side. Currently UOTC is trying to get some practice courses back to schedule, but there is no ETA on that. You can use the UOTC Codex (official UOTC documentation) to educate yourself with official content and visit the ArmA3 Guides Section (which is provided by the user base, but not necessarily checked by UOTC). If you feel like contributing to UOTC, you can apply to become an junior instructor yourself as long as you are able to contribute beyond the initial enthusiasm (we never can habe enough active instructors). ~Pax
  5. This one is a bit more to read, but scould still be considered crash course. It should cover all basic elements necessary. If you got points for improvement on that document, let us know. UOTC Basic Player Guide
  6. I am not sure if I am one of the only ones sometimes spending quite some time on the net trying to find thoose small tools that make your life a tad bit easier. Lets share the small tools we gathered over time so others may profit from them as well. I will make the start with this one: Link Shell Extension As Windows for most users is a graphical experience and time is somehow spend more clicking things instead of using PowerShell I always hated the fact I had to go to the Shell just to drop a more specialized link type. This tool adds this function to the right-click explorer menue. 1. You select a source (object or directory). 2. You drop the perviously selected source as one of the link types which fit the source type.
  7. This could get me back on the server week times. Sounds like what I missed for yuite some time, sadly I am very dependent on player count. Playing with only 4 people is not my thing. I would def. show up if this rolls.
  8. Shit yea, didn't think about KT1. Where exactly were all the BMPs at? I did not see a single one of them anywhere I looked.
  9. Can confirm this. Ghost 3 Delta was able to spot the T90 on both KT2 and 3. The BMPs at no time, were visible to our recon team or really really well hidden. On KT3 Ghost 8 did report an enemy BMP on the north east side of KT3 Hill.
  10. Mission 1 Ghost 3 Delta (Scouts) IAJT, Pax 1. Step of from Spawn [T+7] 2. Dismount of Irondome 2 and Ghost 3 Delta at Hill 114 SE of Ghost 3 marker [T+12] 3. Irondome 2 did move to their marker independently while maintaining radio contact on SR2 [T+12] 4. Ghost 3 did maintain position down hill SE of Ghost 3 marker [T+12] 5. Ghost 3 Delta made their way to the fence encircled area at Ghost 3 marker [T+12] 6. Arrival of Ghost 3 Delta on position OP1 [T+14] (Did cut a southern wire to get there unseen) 7. Report of Ghost 8 having troubles with positioning at Ghost 8 marker [T+16] 8. Ghost 3 Delta deems OP 1 as unsuitable for recon without heavily exposing themselves [T+16] 9. Enemy indirect fires WP on WP 1 position [T+17] 10. Ghost 3 Delta dispatches south through cut wire fence to move west to position OP 2 [T+17] (Ghost 1 / Ghost 3 radio comms about the explosion which yet was thought to be enemy HE engagement) 11. While moving to OP 2 Ghost 3 Delta reports to Ghost 3 that the WP landed close to Ghost 3 [T+18] 12. Ghost 3 Delta takes direct WP round while moving to OP 2, immediate report to Ghost 3 & displacement SW for 50 meters trying to get better cover for possible follow on HE [T+18] (no casualties taken, but we shat our pants) 13. Ghost 8 reporting engines west near their position via SR2 [T+18] 14. Ghost 8 engaged from K3 northern area, reporting enemy BMP and multiple hostiles at K3 over SR2 [T+19] (This information was not forwarded to Platoon Net for whatever reason) 15. Ghost 3 Delta doing a short stamina break waiting for enemy HE bombardment [T+19] (It is likely that OPFOR already had spoters up at K2 at this time) 16. Ghost 3 ordering Ghost 8 to engage BMP if possible and retreat otherwise due to inabbility to fight the amount of enemys present all on their own [T+20] (Ghost 8 negates this order via SR2 for reasons unknown to me) 17. Ghost 3 Delta decides to break up hold and continue to OP 2 reporting this to Ghost 3 [T+20] (Exactley that second enemy HE fire lands in the saddle inbetween Ghost 3 and Punisher 6 markers) 18. Ghost 3 Delta reports indirect fires to Ghost 3, at the same time Bradley cannon fire can be heared from NE of Ghost 3 position (either Ghost 7 or 8 are engaging w/o contact report) [T+20] (These reports where not transmitted to higher by Ghost 3 for unknown reasons) 19. Ghost 3 Delta assumes that the position just rained with HE was the position where BLUFOR mortar was ordered to redeploy to, assuming BLUFOR mortars lost [T+21] (The Bradley fire NE continues w/o reports) 20. Enemy Fires observed on what is assumed Ghost 5 position. [T+21] (Ghost 8 is giving sitrep to Ghost 3) 21. Enemys reported at K3 eastern wind mills and a BMP at hill 80 north ob obj shotgun [T+21] (Ghost 3 Delta still on the move to OP2) 22. Ghost 8 reporting pinned down + audio contact on OPFOR engaging Ghost 8 + Ghost 3 radios Ghost 1 that they will come out of cover to push on enemy at K3 [T+22] (Ghost 3 Delta arrives at OP2) 23. Ghost 3 Delta arrives at OP 2 immediatley starting to scount K3 starting with western wind wills [T+22] (heavy small arms fire at OBJ shutgun pressumably engaging Ghost 8 which did not retreat as ordered to) 24. Ghost 3 Delta confirms death of BLUFOR mortars in erlier HE bombardment by OPFOR mortar [T+22] 25. Ghost 3 Delta confirms Radio Tower at K3 clear, scan of remaining K3 shows small enemy presence at the mideast of K3 close to irondome 2 who apparently did move far past their intended position [T+23] (This is luckily cleared by comms inbefore Ghost 3 engagement on K3 area, irondome 2 is moving of K3 terrain back to their intended position) 26. Ghost 3 Delta reporting enemy contacts close to K3 marker on end of road via SR2 [T+23] 27. Ghost 3 confirms and informs that they will move in to destroy enemy infantry at K3 [T+23] (Irondome 2 apparently retreated just in time) 28. Ghost 3 reporting to Ghost 1 that K3 is occupied by OPFOR, which is confirmed by Ghost 1 [T+23] 29. IAJT discovers 2 squads of enemys cresting at K2. Same reports going over LR1 that second. Ghost 3 is moving up with their BFV. Irondome is reporting standby at their position. [T+24] 30. Ghost 3 Delta reporting to Ghost 3 that they have been spotted by enemy scouts at K3, twice, no confirmation. [T+24] 31. Ghost 3 Delta reporting enemy RPG at K2 Hill 163 over LR1 [T+25] 32. Ghost 3 lighting up enemys at K3, end of road, minor effect due to to them just slightly cresting [T+26] 33. Ghost 3 Delta discovering enemy T90 (2 antennas, 2 top exits, flat turret) at nothern crest of K2 Hill reporting over LR1. [T+26] (Ghost 3 maneuvering around OP 1, only audio confirmation of that) 34. Ghost 3 Delta reporting enemy withdrawl from K2 crest after Ghost 3 engagement. Ghost 3 request Delta scouts to move in closer, which is not possible for us w/o being seen immediately, reported as such [T+26] 35. Ghost 3 Delta reporting enemys at K3 Hill 216 reappeared to Ghost 3, no rersponse. [T+26] 36. Ghost 3 Delta reporting enemys were at K3 Hill 216 to Ghost 3. Ghost 3 confirming, requesting sitrep from Ghost 8. [T+27] 37. Ghost 3 Delta reporting that enemys are back at Hill 216 including enemy IGLAS, Ghost 3 confirms but engages far right of reported contacts. [T+28] 38. Ghost 3 engages enemys at Hill 216 with good effect. Sudden explosion on Ghost 3s position, audio to Ghost 3 Delta only. [T+29] 39. Ghost 3 Delta trying to get comms with Ghost 3. Assuming Ghost 3 destroyed. [T+29] 40. Ghost 3 Delta reporting over LR1 to Ghost 1 that Ghost 3 & 8 are assumed KIA, confirmation by Ghost 1. [T+30] 41. Ghost 3 Delta trying to figure out what they can do in this situation, deciding to move back to OP1 trying to see if they can provide intel about enemy advance on K3 or an eastern push by OPFOR. [T+31] 42. Ghost 3 Delta reporting to Ghost 1 that we assume the entire eastern flank to be compromised after 0 radio sitreps of eastern units lead to response. [T+32] 43. Observing an BLUFOR little bird moving south of Ghost 3 marker to the east immediatley being engaged by enemy IGLAS [T+32] 44. Irondome 2 checking in on SR2. Reporting that they did destroy an enemy armoured vehicle and now are standby at Irondome 2 marker. [T+32] 45. Bandaid checking in on SR2, apparently around Ghost 3 wreck, skylining like a hero. [T+32] 46. Ghost 3 Delta arrives at OP 1 and orders Bandaid to return to Bandaid leader. Irondome 2 is ordered to remain at their position as movement would immediately be discovered by enemys at K3 [T+34] 47. Ghost 3 Delta decides to take forward positions on OP 1 to observe K3 and east of K3 to continue intel on OPFOR for remaining BLUFOR forces. [T+35] 48. Ghost 3 Delta gets sitrep from irondome2 eporting Ghost 7 KIA. [T+36] 49. Ghost 3 Delta reporting enemys east of K3 moving west along the crest. [T+38] 50. LR call that Ghost one got hit and destroyed. Ghost 3 Delta discovers enemy T90 at K3 end of road. Reporting that as well. [T+39] 51. Reaper 2 reporting inbound on T90 at K3. [T+39] 52. No fires on K3 T90, T90 withdraws north unharmed. [T+41] 53. In a last attempt to try to hinder the enemy from scouting, Ghost 3 Delta starts to do slow rate single shots at enemy observes showing moderate effect until mission end. [T+41] In the aftermath Ghost 3 Delta could have made better attempts to arrange Ghost 3 to move left along the Ghost 3 hill which would have lead to numerous casuatlies and losses for enemy at K2 at the cost of 0 cover of K3. Initial defensive positions for BLUFOR had a huge disadvantage opposed to the enemy who had 0 difficulties moving onto both Key Terrains, nearly unseen and unharmed. Pictures and Positions in attachements
  11. Script to check the amount of enemys inside an area and if it is less than 2 and both are state unconscious, trigger... the trigger? No idea how complicated that is.
  12. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co21-bradley-hasty-attack-v11-r1240? Seizing OBJ not entirely possible as some AI might glitch into trenches in unconcious state there fore trigger not working Medical Setting not correct (unable to stich)
  13. Tags assigned to Nomad, NimChimpsky did not show up. Thread can be closed.
  14. I have tested this with multiple doors (especially ones with overlapping cover, like small tin covers and such) and at quiet some occasions (especially when overlapping cover was present) I was able to get the mod to 'teleport' me through the closed entrance w/o making a single sound. I guess this has something to do, with the mod misinterpreting the upper part of a door as a climbable object? A single time I was able to provoke it into sliding me through a wall. Again with overlapping cover above my character. Everything else did indeed look pretty awesome and could be a nice addition to gameplay when tweaked accordingly.
  15. God I am so impatient. I want to see my new freelancer design so bad.
  16. Updated Bandage Sheet from ACE3 team for 3.11.0 - They changed the colors.... KR Pax
  17. Revive is active, I saw the vanilla FAKs: These will not change into ACE medical PAKs not when given via load out nor when given via inventory of vehicles, they simply disappear. So the Platoon got about 4-5 (If I did see that correctly) actually usable PAKs. Might need fixing sepending on your intent. Could be an issue if your revive settings require PAKs to work properly, will observe while mission. Also the ComSig should be reviewed. LR 1 for RTOs and Air can work (also in this case the mission is missing a seperat LR net for the infantry), but best parctice is to seperate nets depending on their purpose.
  18. Hi regarding the missions air assets: stage them via scripts. Lower player numbers only unlock small assets like little birds, then black hawks and in higher player numbers maybe an attack helicopter. Armed assets should only be mountable when a FAC is slotted. Pilot seats should be limited to pilot slots (if that is not already the case). Maybe add more random IEDs and random patrols that will ambush blufor. Put down some more AA assets just to piss off people ignoring air safety measures. Just some mean ideas.
  19. Welcome to UO. Recommended Reading: Basic Player Guide Pax
  20. Hi, Depending on the winner and participation all current and future action cards will under go a relayout for Q2 2018. ACTION CARDS SURVEY LINK Survey will end on 01OCT17 Kind regards, Pax
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