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  1. I would have no problem with unloading my rifle if there are a shit load of BTRs covering my ass...
  2. https://twitter.com/shaunwalker7/status/440152242570924032/photo/1
  3. Well its not that I didn't test in single player - crappy frames there as well. And after testing I had to put my bus clock back to 200MHz, seems like my grapfic card is alreaedy that far overclocked that it wont go anyfurther without crashing. Still running my CPU on steady multiplier x19 (3816.80MHz)
  4. The only mods I tested yet is ArmA3 + wasteland and ArmA3 + altis life RPG (Altis is the one that runs with ultra low FPS like the one in the first post here) I did that because some players wrote that running the mod from different SSDs might increase the game speed (thought that this is pretty much one year old information out of some BI forum thread) Running 4x4 GB DDR3 1600 DC: unganged and in dual channel mode Please give me that MB and CPU
  5. So I tried out to OC my system. Currently running 6 different programs to overwatch Mainbaord, CPU Temps, GPU temps and so on. System is currently running stable (as far as tested) at: FSB 210MHz VCore: Auto (changes between 1.392 to 1.442 V) DRAM: Auto Multiplier: 19 CPU: 3989.24 MHz x 4 cores HT: Auto Mem: 9 9 9 24 33 2T FSB:DRAM 3:10 DRAM Freq: usually 699-700MHz That gave me some extra FPS in ArmA 3 on High Settings 75 Players on server. Running now steady 20 FPS (well... better than 8 I guess...) Will later do a test with ArmA 2 and UO server with that OC applied to my machine, I hope it will not explode.
  6. If you overclock, better do it via the BIOS itself. I will try out if that actually works on same server with hopfully same playercount if I am fast enough.
  7. Well I use bug trackers to provide information and not to write bitchy comments in the comments section of that specific issue like a lot of other dudes do. Giving them your specs and what is happening ingame can possibly show a direction when put into a statistic.
  8. go here: http://feedback.arma3.com/plugin.php?page=Vote/list_bugs create account and vote up the GPU CPU Issue which is currently on second place
  9. So what I was able to figure out yet is: I still did not find a way how to solve that calculation problem. Like in SP my harde ware is used to about 50% in MP not more than avarage 30% and I get Bad frames all over the place. The only thing which YET betters the Frames is the fact that for example Altis Life RP has the possibility to turn down the viewdistance extremly. I run it at 300 meters over all in the altis life setting and now play with 17-22 FPS (which still is horrbile) Highly populated servers runs different FPS for me, I can not navigate to the server FPS because on one server with 50 people and a ping of 40 I can get best FPS and a server with 10 people and 145 ping can give me the worst frames ever.
  10. Tried that out, made no difference. Checked highest usage 65% while ingame on Ultra Will try out creating a 2000 MB Pagefile on SSD and will report in tomorrow Thanks for all the hints!
  11. I already reinstalled the game and tried to repair it. I am not a friend of SWAP to SSD (But I tried that as well. didn't work thought) Nothing became better yet :/ I just can't figure out what could be the reason for that. GPU runs on avarage 20-28 % CPU runs on steady 40-60%
  12. My Computer: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Deneb VTX3D Radeon HD 7870 Black Boost Edition [Thaiti LE] 2GB DDR5 VRAM (norm: 501MHz -- Boost: 975MHz) 16GB DDR3 1333MHz (4x4GB) SSD Samsung 250GB Sata3 (ArmA3) SSD Kingston 60GB (ArmA3Mods and any data of PlaywithSix) HDD 1GB for standard programs and SWAP Gigabyte 970A-UD3 Rev.3.0 ArmA 3 is running with 8 FPS (o.O) on populated Servers like Altis Life on overall setting (LOW) where O'Neill runs up to 25fps with avarage graphical settings of Medium. I just redownloaded ArmA 3 and will try it again but I got no good feeling about this... Pax
  13. Sign-Up: Pax'Jarome Malues Dates available: Friday 31st January I have reviewed and understand the prerequisites. - PJ
  14. Name: Pax'Jarome Malues Course: Fireteam Practical 1 Date: 10 Jan 2014 Instructor: Enex/Tomms/Jimbo/Oh My Lord... what? Were there a little bit earlier and still made it to fuck up my PwS - config for the Training-Server *so elite* First time I attended this course but definitely not the last time! Everyone playing on SRV1 should attend these courses as many times as it fits to his private time schedule. I got a little bit confus about some of the parts of the prerequisits, as the material says that in FT-pfile formation FTL and AR may switch position to provide max firepower to the front of the pfile, while in session got stated that the FTL should be in front of the pfile ALWAYS. If everyone would attend these courses we could finaly go back to the tactical standard on SRV1 we had once in the past. This course is absolutly worth all the 3 hours I spent on it. I would even go as far and say 1 hours and a few mikes ist too short for this. could be even +30mikes so one does not have to rush through the lectures. Thanks to the instructors & the team providing this, much appriciated! (especially as this is a perfect time schedule for european players - I think we were alone 4-5 peps from germany and a few more europeans from sweden and some of the eastern countries[?])
  15. In-Game Name: Pax'Jarome Dates Available: 10JAN14 2000Z I will have reviewed the prerequisite material until session start: How to Use ARMA2, Ace and ACRE Fire team formations Fireteam roles
  16. CO: Me XO: Sylong 1. Slotted as pilot even while being inexperienced 2. Derped from missions start on (I thought that it would just be one of these random strange days everyone of us has sometimes; tried to take him serious) 3. Got ordered to stay away from AO on a four kilometer radius and to start circle as well as stand by for CAS mission ( 4. Pilot confirmed order but did not execute at all. Even after second attend. 5. We now had an A10 flying over our heads constantly on a very low altitude with enemys fireing at it all the time. 6. Made attend to transmit CAS mission on lasered target. pilot did not select laser guided weapons and passed the enemys on an extremly risky altitude about 50m or lower. 7. Pilot did not use the marked corridors or anything as he was told to (multiple times) 8. After CAS failed A10 got ordered to return to base immediately (I told him 4 times and tried to still use propper radio comms) 9. Aftere that it seemed that the pilot was just willing to leave the A10 after another player told him very directly to get his butt out of the pilotseat The player should definitely consider visiting UOTC flying & radio communication courses (If provided) before flying ever again - Pax
  17. Somehow my graficcard is freezing every ~5minutes. I need to fix this issue first. If I am not in the TS channle at 21:30 Zulu, I will not attend due to the issue with my graphiccard :´( Are there any plans on repeading this course somewhen else? Because I think I wont be able to fix my graphiccard until training start.
  18. I think this is the best explanation we got in this thread until now. In my point of view the current players want SThud out of the reason that they are used to its comfort and dont really want to loose this specific comfort. I would say: Lets try it out for 6 Months without the stHUD in general. Lets see how many people want to have it back after that time. I would bet on the fact that a "bring back the SThud"-Thread would drown in the forums in hours, if there even will be any replies. Further more I want to withdraw my statement about the SThud in Trainings. Why dont we just teach them the stuff the actual way. And If they dont get it the first time, well, lets try it a second and if necesarry a third time. Also the actual playing at the Primary Server will help them to get used to situational awareness. We can not bypass the evelopment of situational awareness by using a mod for new players. Also I completely support this statement: The major problem with this is, that thoose 4 missions in a chance of 9/10 will be poorly planed & executed. I would rather more enjoy joining a running game, leaving before we reach the goal but having lots of good gameplay instead of yoining a game playing 4 missions, die all the time because nobody has a clue about the plan and have the feeling that I wasted my time. So, why not try it out for a set period of a few months, so everyone can get used to it, to remove the SThud and guide the players to non-rushed missions. I can only see positive points about this. And to be honest, I dont really get the argument that keeping the HUD for newbies is to be seen as an advantage. Some have to learn longer than others & if they do not have the stamina to learn this, they may should go back playing vanilla at some easy-come-easy-go servers. May we would have to change the UOTC course part difficulty about navigation and teammovement, but hell, this shouldn't be a problem for the trainees. Its all about a longer try.
  19. In-Game Name: Pax'Jarome Date and Time : 19JUL13 1900Z I have reviewed the prerequisite material and understand: How to Use ARMA2, Ace and ACRE. Fire team formations. Fireteam rolls.
  20. For me all this seems to be pretty easy to discripe: STHud is a nice feature which makes it easier to hold formations and have a overview over your Squad. I never was and never will be a fan of this mod, but over the last year I got so used to the easy-point-management it provides that I totally forgot how much more fun it is to keep formations by just looking around with your head, how much more important comms became without it again. This week at UO playing without the HUD was a non plus ultra for me as a new guy around this community. If we would really communicate like we should, we wont need this tool anymore. For me STHud belongs into training mission to get new people used to formations and everything, giving them the capability of gaining short overview with a look at the bouttom of the screen. But for MilSIM like gameplay at the real ArmAII server with ACE & ACRE... No, I dont think that we should have it there. As I saw the Level of gameplay at UO is so high and the players capabilities also, that StHud seems to lower the possibility of the players to show their full potential in Command, Communication, Navigation and especially Teamwork. It would also help If we in total would stop to rush specific situations like I experienced it here (WAY less than anywhere else, but still recognizable) and take our time with communication and assessment BEFORE we choose what to do or better not to do. I know that there are specific reasons why people want to go quick but it lowers the gameplay way more that StHud does. Removing both, I think, would be the best option. just my 5 pens as a UO-Newbie
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