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Mission Comments posted by PaxJaromeMalues

  1. UAV absolutely broken.

    After connection unable to mount or dismount vehicles and specific sound like BTR shooting not hearable. Went unresponsive after assigning the first waypoint even tho in range. Repack not possible.

  2. Revive is active, I saw the vanilla FAKs: These will not change into ACE medical PAKs not when given via load out nor when given via inventory of vehicles, they simply disappear. So the Platoon got about 4-5 (If I did see that correctly) actually usable PAKs. Might need fixing sepending on your intent. Could be an issue if your revive settings require PAKs to work properly, will observe while mission.

    Also the ComSig should be reviewed. LR 1 for RTOs and Air can work (also in this case the mission is missing a seperat LR net for the infantry), but best parctice is to seperate nets depending on their purpose.

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